Get paid to work out | 11 apps that pay you to exercise

Did you know there are apps that you can download on your phone that pay you to exercise?

Going to the gym is so overrated when you can download an app from the App Store and start earning money for something you know you should be doing: moving more.

If you want to make money while losing weight and looking better, look no further. The apps on this list will reward you for doing the right thing, and you can even get paid for walking!

Walgreens Health Goals

my walgreens rewards

Walgreens has this great cash rewards program for reaching your health goals.

Basically, you join a 4-week challenge and complete a physical activity or lifestyle change that will improve your health. Each challenge lasts 7 days, starting Monday, and that means you have 4 challenges per month.

Although Walgreens is a great app for making money while exercising, make sure you check out the best budgeting apps for beginners to get your money on point.

It helps to have a movement tracker such as an Apple Watch, or a Google Samsung device to automatically track your daily activity.

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Earning as small, but I like the feature that you can manually track your challenges and still earn rewards.

Charity Miles

charity miles

Charity miles can help you stay in shape and motivated by donating money on your behalf. You decide what charity you want to contribute to.

The app has over 40 charities to choose from. So when you go for a walk around the neighborhood, you’ll know that you’re doing it for yourself and to help someone else.

If you don’t like walking, you can also get rewarded for dancing or biking.

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The app is available for download on the android Google Play Store and also the iOS App Store.



Stepbet brings the fun of competing against yourself and other players trying to earn points.

As the name implies, you are betting on yourself to finish assigned goals. If you win, the pot is split with anyone still left in the game. The average earnings are $10 to $20. This might be a good match for you if you are a competitive person.

The bets are paid upfront, and the amount is set by the person organizing the challenge. Keep in mind that completing the challenge will take about a month.

Similar to other apps, step bet calculates your steps with your Apple Watch or any other fitness tracker.


mapmyfitness screenshot

MapMyFitness has no cost, it’s sponsored by Under Armour. This app pays you in points that can be redeemed inside the app to unlock other features.

This app makes it easy to find exercises to do, and it also adds fitness challenges to your routine. If you like the outdoors, it can also help you find which biking trails are the best around your area.

AARP rewards

AARP rewards

AARP, the company behind empowering older Americans, has a rewards program as well. Inside their fitness app, you can find quizzes that will test how much you know about health habits.

It can also sync with your weight loss tracker watch and tell you how well you are doing for the week.

AARP rewards you with points that you earn every time you finish one of their prescriber movement recommendations.

Once you have accumulated enough points, you can trade them for sweepstakes, local deals, or discounted gift cards.


Evidation apps

Evidation is an excellent app for making real money while you move around more. I like evidation because you can actually redeem cash from the app, and you can earn $10 for every 10,000 points.

This great little workout app can also pay you for taking surveys, tracking your sleep or tracking your daily steps. You won’t get rich from using this app, but the health benefits you’ll gain are worth more than the money.

If you don’t have a fitness tracker, evidation will log your movement gained from the data on your cellphone as you walk around.


Lifecoin screenshot

Lifecoin is a great app if you are already doing walks outside. It tracks how many steps you have for the whole day, and then you can redeem those points for e-gift cards to some major stores like Amazon.

One thing I like about life coin is that you don’t have to log in your steps manually because it detects your movement automatically on your phone.



Runtopia helps you to lose weight and make money at the same time. I like that they include a range of warm-ups and running workouts, and even show you how to stretch.

Their app is available for Android or iPhones by downloading it from their respective app stores.

The best feature of runtopia is that you can have an audio coach that changes depending on your pace. So it is customized according to your speed.

And if you have PayPal, you can redeem your points for PayPal cash once you have accumulated at least $10.

Jobs that will pay you money to Stay In Shape

There are many other ways to make money using fitness apps. Not as easy as making money from your couch, but certainly healthier.. Part-time jobs will help you stay in shape while paying you for your work.

Remember, it is never too late to start. When I worked at the gym, many instructors were in their 50s.

Fitness Instructor

fitness instructor

Fitness Instructors teach classes in a gym setting. Depending on their specialty, these classes can range from yoga and Pilates to full-blown Zumba and hip hop.

Becoming a fitness instructor requires a certification from a nationally accredited agency, such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

It is a fun job that pays between $20-$40 per hour, and you can make your own schedule.

City Guide

If you live in an area with a lot of tourists, you may want to think about becoming a tour guide. This job entails showing people around and telling them about the history of your town.

A city guide is a great way to make money while you lose weight walking a lot.

If you track that walking with one of our apps listed above, you get paid double.

Make money and gain health

You don’t have to like working out or exercising in order to make money from these apps.

One thing we all need is to move around more. You can do this by using one of these apps and making money at the same time.

At the GoodDinero Company, we believe life is short and combining money and health is a great way to prolong your life and also earn some money. That’s a win-win in our book.

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