Why attractive people make more money. Look better now.

Looks matter when you are trying to get a good job. It may seem biased, but humans are naturally biased. Instead of complaining about how human nature works, we can learn the reasons good-looking people have better paying jobs and use it to our advantage.

Favorable treatment is given to the physically attractive group than the less attractive group regardless of it being conscious or unconscious.

As much as we don’t want to admit it, it is true.

Employers are unwilling to admit to the beauty bias, even though it happens.

Physical attractiveness makes a difference, and this is how you can harness it.

The value behind being attractive

value behind being attractive

Beauty pays, is very true, and there’s value behind being attractive. Beautiful people are generally chosen over unattractive people.

When looking into the statistics, a less-than-average person will be chosen last compared to an above-average person—first impressions matter.

Attractive people are confident and radiate a presence that others want to be around. Think back to high school. The most popular kids were the attractive kids.

Why were they chosen as homecoming king and queen? Popularity and looks. They were seen and heard by their classmates. The other kids were drawn to them and wanted to be around them.

The same applies to your career. New opportunities opens for you when you pay attention to your looks. Your colleagues will want to meet you and know more about you.

The truth stands strong. Beauty pays.

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Physically attractive people earn 15% more than plainer colleagues

Physically attractive people do often earn more than plainer colleagues do. Studies from the World of Labor have proven that physically attractive people earn 15% more than less attractive people.

While these statistics seem quite discriminating, these are the facts. Your looks play a role in the position you will take and the growth potential you will have in the future of your career.

Once again, beauty pays. Academic achievement is also considered, and if you are attractive on top of it, this is the beauty premium.

Since beauty matters, you can pretty much name your price if you are attractive.

Will you have to work at negotiating?

More than likely, yes.

But will it be as hard as a less attractive person?

Probably not.

Physically attractive people have a greater chance of getting hired

greater chance of you are getting hired

Among hiring managers, 57% said qualified but unattractive candidates ‘are likely to have a more challenging time landing a job.

While more than half advised ‘spending as much time and money on making sure they look attractive as perfecting a resume.

Believe it or not, your chances of getting hired will be determined by your looks.

Beauty bias in the workplace is partially a determination in the hiring decisions.

Attractive women are more likely to be hired based on their looks.

The unspoken truth that attractive women land better jobs is true, and the same applies to attractive men.

Beauty premiums apply to good-looking older men; studies show that older men continue to earn more, whereas older women’s wages decrease over time.

So what can you do?

How can you become better looking so you can land the new position?

Here are seven ways you can start.

7 Ways to improve your looks to increase your wealth

Step 1: Start exercising

Exercise is the first step to look your best, and exercise also improves stamina and well-being.

Exercise increases our energy, as well as confidence.

When you start exercising, you start standing taller and carrying yourself confidently, like you might not have felt before.

Remember the old saying, when you look good, you feel good. I say that this principle applies here.

Exercise is also found to improve stress and anxiety.

Get started in an exercise program.

There are some great online programs like mygoodtrainer.com, which offers customized workouts from home.

I am saving you tons of time and money firstly commuting and secondly giving you the satisfaction of getting fit with an instructor.

Step 2: Sleep More

An article written by Healthline says that when you get 7-9 hours of restful sleep, you are likely to improve your overall health.

Another fantastic benefit of good quality sleep is that your skin has time to repair and correct itself.

More sleep equals better skin, and better skin provides that youthful glow that is attractive.

When your skin is glowing, and you don’t have the dark undereye circles from lack of sleep, you radiate health.

Step 3: Wear makeup

Using makeup to accent your natural face is an excellent option for anyone who wants to improve their looks.

You do not have to be a makeup artist to look your best.

Make an appointment at a beauty counter and find the best color combinations for your skin tone.

Using the help of an expert will help take the guesswork out of the millions of options.

Remember, you don’t have to spend tons of money looking your best.

Just focus on the combinations, so you don’t end up looking like a circus clown.

Step 4: Improve your hygiene

While this should be something you are already practicing, maybe there are some areas for improvement.

Working on your hygiene will make a world of difference in your overall appearance.

Maybe you shower at night and rush out the door for work. Ask yourself, did you brush your teeth? How about washing your face?

If you are that person who sleeps until the very last second, change that habit.

Plan to wake up 30 minutes earlier, so you have time to refresh yourself.

Your physical appearance is essential, specifically when you want people to take you seriously.

Do you want that new position? Maybe asking for a raise, then you have to take your hygiene seriously.

As plain and simple as it might seem, many are guilty to wait till the last minute and run out the door.

Not taking the time to wake up and look fresh and ready will make you look lazy and unprofessional.

Step 5: Dress to impress

Style is always a complicated fix. We love to feel comfortable.

Comfort doesn’t have to translate to a lack of professionalism; it can be tastefully combined to make you look your best while feeling great.

This is especially true when you are trying to make an impression that you are hard-working, attentive to detail, and trustworthy.

Your appearance and effort enhance your physical attraction level.

If you come to an interview with a big stain on your shirt from coffee, mismatched clothes, or wearing torn jeans and a t-shirt, don’t expect to be taken seriously.

The clothes you wear also impact if you will be seen. If you are not good at picking clothes, go shopping with a friend or family member who can help you make a good decision.

Consider making an appointment with a style consultant to see how they can better recommend you the right look that will make you look your best and feel confident.

Beauty bias is a factor in most decisions, and we must do our part to enhance our physical attractiveness.

If you want that position and its excellent salary, focus your attention on how you dress and make a solid first impression.

Big personality traits, social communication skills, and a well-dressed, confident person stand out, so be that person.

Step 6: Get a manageable hairstyle

Women are victims of the hair battle as much as men are.

Hairstyles can be tricky. Some hairstyles are very expensive to keep up, so when choosing a style, make sure it fits your budget.

Hairstylists are taught to upsell their products. If you go in for a hairstyle and the stylist suggests adding highlights or a special treatment that is out of your budget, kindly tell them that right now, let’s go for the haircut and stick to your original plan.

If you cannot maintain the style, then it is not for you. Pick a style that goes with the shape of your face and enhances your beauty.

Step 7: Be tall

While changing your height might not be physically possible, standing tall will make your level of physical attractiveness soar.

Standing tall and straight makes you stand out. If you look at the people in the mall, you will see many varieties, shapes, and sizes.

Who out of the crowd will you notice first? The person who stands tall and walks with confidence.

If you are a short person, don’t let this hold you back, you can look tall and higher than a crowd if you are walking tall with confidence, instead of slumped over and shy.

Your physical attractiveness will be much more desirable if you stand like the models trained to do, head up, chest up, face forward, and command the floor.

I’m not saying you must be a model to look attractive or tall. To be attractive, you have to stand tall and look like you are in charge, be your boss and confident and watch how attractive and interesting you become.

Reasons interacting with attractive people is more pleasurable

Think about going to a clothing store, and the store clerk is very attractive, super friendly, and well dressed. Will you accept their introduction? Hi, is there anything I can help you find today?

Most likely, yes, you will accept their introduction and allow them to help guide you. In an alternate case, if an unattractive, less than friendly clerk approached you with the same question, you might pass.

Another area where your looks help is in making decisions. Unattractive people typically carry themselves less confident and less approachable.

Physically attractive people smile more. Often, they are better conversationalists.

Being attractive makes interaction easier. People are drawn to you, making hiring decisions more straightforward.

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What are the advantages of being attractive?

advantages of being attractive

Being attractive carries many advantages.

The most standout advantage is the fact that you are taken more seriously. When you are seen as a physically attractive person, studies show that employers will consider you over someone with a less appealing appearance.

In the eyes of employers, being physically attractive makes you seen as more confident, and just this alone will empower employers to consider an attractive person over a less attractive person first.

Choosing an attractive employment candidate gives the hiring manager confidence that this new employee will be a great addition to the team.

Typically, attractive people have greater interaction skills and a better ability to socialize with peers and colleagues.

Summing it all up

If you want to know the ugly truth, physically attractive people are rewarded with more opportunities and bigger pay.

Thinking you will never be able to get the same opportunities as the more attractive person is not true.

With the right changes, which most of these are free, you can become more attractive. Fix yourself, inside and outside, gain confidence, and pay more attention to your appearance.

Get more rest but don’t rush out the door without first washing your face and brushing your teeth.

Exercise and lose some unwanted pounds. Not only will you feel more energized, but you will feel more confident and stronger.

With a few simple changes, you will look better, get taken more seriously, and most likely get more doors of opportunity open.

Focus on fixing your lazy ways. Once you do, you will become even more desirable than the supermodels you think are working against you.

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