why money is a touchy subject? Emotions on the rise!

What makes money so emotional? Why can talking about money be so touchy, and stressful? Learn why money causes emotional feelings.

We expose the truth behind positive and negative feelings about money, and explain why our emotions make it hard to achieve financial success.

Why is money so emotional?

Money is such an emotional subject for many of us. I never thought money had feelings, did you? The truth is that, yes, it can be very emotional for many.

Money traumas can come from:

  • Enormous credit card debt
  • An outrageous student loan
  • Loss of a job
  • Car troubles putting you in debt
  • Going through a divorce

Money emotions can sometimes be good. You could get a new high paying job or even a raise after over ten years at the same job.

When you’re on the positive side of the number line your feelings change. You feel excited and hopeful.

When you make more money you are happy and celebrate. You feel relief, that there is hope, and now you can achieve financial security.

In fact, according to a study by the American Psychological Association, 72 % of people suffer from stress-related to money. Regardless, money can be emotional for pretty much all of us.

Understanding your past

Knowing your past helps you understand your future. It helps you manage your finances. Your past mistakes teach you the value of living a life with purpose.

Learn to recognize your emotions from money. When you do you can make better decisions about how much you want to invest in yourself.

Overcoming negative feelings towards money can be difficult especially if you had a hard past.

Highway, wide open road, with sign saying recovery

How to recover from being scammed

Money scams can be hard to get over, but not impossible.

The most important thing is to take responsibility for yourself. If you have been scammed by a business or even a friend, this can really hurt.

You may feel betrayed and ask, “Why me?”

Practice learning from your hardships. Recognize what happened, and make the best of your future.

Money and Your Emotions

You do not need to be a financial genius to know that money is emotional.

Money gives us feelings of security and confidence.

Many millionaires share a specific skill that helps them achieve their financial goals, it’s called discipline. They keep their emotions far away from their goals. Millionaires practice self control and discipline.

More money in our pockets means more security and hope for the future, but if you have been losing money there may be a spiritual connection that you are ignoring. .

Less money means more stress, fear, and anxiety about the future. Have you ever struggled with any of these thoughts?

  • How can I make it this month?
  • How many money mistakes can a person make before they get ahead?
  • Which bills can I pay, and will I have enough left to make my rent payment?

The best solution is to get to know your “feelings” first, then move towards a rescue plan to get to the root of the problem.

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Become Emotionally Balanced

When it comes to your finances, it’s about consistency and patience. Let’s learn some tips how you can become emotionally balanced with money.

  • Educate yourself, find out what your finances should be and make them into what they should be. Change takes time but is worth it in the long run.
  • Seek help from a trained professional such as a financial planner, who can help you learn how to balance and organize your finances to feel more comfortable with them, not only now but also in the future.
  • Setting a budget by using an app to help you see how you are spending money is a great tool to get you started to make better use of your money like Mint.
  • Get an emotional support system where you connect with other people who have been there before and know what you’re going through.

Find an accountability partner that can offer advice on how best to deal with certain situations by giving their personal experience. For those who don’t want any further advice or guidance, find someone else in your family,

Remember, each of us goes through emotions with our money and finances.

Money can be emotionally draining

Not being emotionally balanced with money can manifest itself on many levels. It can cause you to lose your job, get divorced or have relationship problems. And it can affect your health and well-being in countless ways. Some symptoms are:

  • Fear: not knowing what will happen next, and feeling worried or stressed about money.
  • Jealousy The grass always looks greener on the other side until you get to the other side and realize things aren’t what they seem.
  • Depression: feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness can be brought on by financial difficulties and other life events (i.e., relationship problems).
  • Guilt: spending money frivolously or irresponsibly with your finances can cause guilt. You’re likely to overthink and even spend more time worrying about it than actually doing anything about it. Guilt leads to anxiety which has its own set of negative emotional responses.
  • Anxiety: worry and fear and usually manifests through restless sleep patterns, irritability, increased appetite or overeating, difficulty concentrating etc.

Find Your balance!

Whatever your financial situation is, your relationship with money needs to be balanced. Money matters in our lives.

Focusing only on what you don’t have or what you need to be happy will only drive you crazy.

Money is an emotional topic.

Since most of society is situated around scarcity, life can be scary.

Find balance! Watch your money emotions! Sure, you have made mistakes and will probably make more, but don’t waste precious time worrying. Live balanced now!

A Path Forward

Money is an emotional topic that can affect us all positively or negatively. It is not always easy taking steps to heal our past, but there is hope.

A painful past can make us angry or stressed. While hard times happen, we can make changes in the right direction.

Increase your knowledge of your financial situation and plan for your future.

Emotional balance lies at your fingertips so control your feelings and grow your wealth.

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