Female Entrepreneur Books: A Woman’s Guide To Success

Female entrepreneurs are a powerful force that is changing the face of business. With their unique perspectives and innovative ideas, they are inspiring the next generation of business owners.

From books focused on building confidence to those that provide practical advice, these reads provide valuable guidance for female entrepreneurs looking to make their mark.

Whether you are just starting your entrepreneurial journey or looking to take your business to the next level, these female entrepreneur books by influential women can provide valuable guidance and support.

To empower aspiring female entrepreneurs, we have compiled a list of the best books out there that will help them on their journey to success.

Girl On Fire – Cara Leyba

female entrepreneur books girl on fire

“Girl on Fire” is a book by Cara Alwill Leyba, a motivational speaker and life coach. This book aims to empower women to take control of their lives and achieve their goals by tapping into their inner strength and passion.

Through empowering messages and uplifting stories, Cara inspires women to ignite their dreams and create their destinies. She encourages them to take bold steps toward the life they truly desire. This book by Alwill Leyba may be a great fit for a motivational and empowering read.

You can buy at online and brick-and-mortar retailers, including Amazon and local bookstores, at $10 to $20 in the United States for a physical copy, while the ebook or audiobook versions may cost slightly less.

My Story – Jo Malone

female entrepreneur books my story

“My Story” is a memoir by Jo Malone, the founder of the eponymous fragrance and beauty brand. Jo shares her journey of overcoming adversity and building a successful business from scratch in the book.

Jo’s story is both inspiring and relatable as she writes about the challenges she faced along the way, including poverty, dyslexia, and health issues. Despite these obstacles, she persevered and turned her passion for fragrance and beauty into a global brand.

The book provides a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Jo Malone London, from its humble beginnings to its status as a luxury brand. Jo also shares her thoughts on entrepreneurship, leadership, and the importance of staying true to one’s values.

If you are interested in entrepreneurship or the beauty industry, this book is worth checking out at Amazon at around $12.

In the Company Of Women -Grace Bonney

female entrepreneur books in the company of women

“In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from Over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs” is a book by Grace Bonney, the founder of the popular design blog, Design*Sponge.

The book features interviews with over 100 female makers, artists, and entrepreneurs from various industries, including fashion, food, technology, and more.

The book offers diverse perspectives and experiences and provides insights into these women’s challenges and triumphs as they build their businesses. Through the interviews, readers can learn about the creative processes, business strategies, and life lessons that have shaped the lives and careers of these inspiring women.

“In the Company of Women” is a must-read for anyone who wants to be inspired and empowered by the stories of women who have made their mark in the world.

Whether you are starting your entrepreneurial journey or are well-established in your career, this book will surely provide valuable insights and inspiration. You can buy it from Amazon for around $20.

The Boyz Club – Erica Katz

female entrepreneur books the boys club

“The Boyz Club: A Novel” is a book by Erica Katz, a former associate at a prominent New York law firm. Written as a fiction and follows the journey of a young woman named Rachel as she navigates the male-dominated world of corporate law.

Throughout the book, Rachel faces numerous challenges as she tries to make a name for herself in a male-dominated profession. Despite facing sexism, bias, and discrimination, she remains determined to succeed and positively impact the legal industry.

“The Boyz Club” is a well-crafted novel that provides a unique and engaging look at the challenges faced by women in the workplace.

If you are interested in women’s issues and corporate law or enjoy a good story, this book is worth checking out for about $15.

The Confidence Code – Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

female entrepreneur books  the confidence code

“The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance—What Women Should Know” is a book by journalists Katty Kay and Claire Shipman. The book explores the topic of confidence and how it affects women in the workplace, both professionally and personally.

The authors draw on various sources, including research studies, interviews with successful women, and their personal experiences, to show how confidence can be a powerful tool for women in the workplace.

They also offer practical advice and strategies for building and maintaining confidence, such as developing a growth mindset, taking calculated risks, and seeking supportive mentors and role models.

This book is worth buying at $15 whether you want to boost your confidence or support other women in your network.

Do It Like A Woman And Change The World – Caroline Criado-Perez

female entrepreneur books do it like a woman

“Do it Like a Woman: And Change the World” is a book by Caroline Criado-Perez, a journalist and feminist campaigner. The book is a collection of essays and profiles of women worldwide who have significantly impacted their fields and communities and used their skills and resources to effect real change.

Throughout the book, the author shares the stories of women who have fought for their rights and made a difference in human rights, environmental activism, and politics. The book highlights the unique challenges faced by women and the importance of feminist activism in creating a more equal and just world.

“Do it Like a Woman” is a well-written and insightful book that offers a fresh and empowering perspective on the role of women in creating change. If you are looking for a book that celebrates the achievements of women and provides inspiration for future generations, this book is worth checking out for about $20.

Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg

female entrepreneur books lean in

“Lean In Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” is a book by Sheryl Sandberg, the former Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Meta Platforms. The book was published in 2013 and has become a popular manifesto for women in the workplace. Sandberg encourages women to take on leadership roles, overcome obstacles, and “lean in” to their careers.

She argues that women need to be more assertive in their professional lives and that society and companies must work to create a more equal and supportive environment for women.

The book has sparked significant discussion and controversy about gender equality in the workplace. The book is readily available at about $20.

Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me This Sh*t Before – Marcella Allison and Laura Gale

female entrepreneur books why didn't anybody tell me

A guide for young people entering the workforce, offering practical advice and tips for navigating the workplace and building successful careers. The authors provide insights on networking, finding a mentor, managing finances, and developing leadership skills.

The book is written in a humorous and relatable tone and aims to help young professionals avoid common mistakes and overcome challenges as they start their careers.

The authors draw on their own experiences and those of others to offer guidance and support for young people as they navigate the transition from student to professional.

You can get the book at Amazon for $25.

Strong Woman: The Truth About Getting To The Top – Karren Brady

female entrepreneur books strong woman

“Strong Woman: The Truth About Getting to the Top” is a book by Karren Brady, a British businesswoman and television personality.

The book details her journey as a business leader, including her experiences as managing director of Birmingham City Football Club and vice-chairman of West Ham United Football Club.

In the book, Brady shares her insights and advice on what it takes to succeed as a woman in a male-dominated industry, offering tips on leadership, teamwork, and perseverance. The book provides an inspiring look at Brady’s rise to the top of the business world and guides women seeking to advance in their careers.

You can get the book for $15 to learn what Brady tells women about being confident and assertive and never giving up on their dreams.

Thrive – Arianna Huffington

female entrepreneur books thrive

“Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder” is a book by Arianna Huffington, the founder of The Huffington Post and Thrive Global.

The book explores the idea that there is more to life than money and power and that true success can only be achieved by balancing personal well-being, wisdom, and wonder.

Huffington argues that our current definition of success, which is solely focused on money and power, leads to burnout and unhappiness. The book offers practical advice for individuals looking to create a life of balance, including tips on managing stress, getting more sleep, and finding time for personal growth and reflection.

“Thrive” has been praised for its thought-provoking insights into the meaning of success and has inspired many people to adopt a more holistic approach to their lives. You can get this book at Amazon for just $15.

Women Who Launch – Marlene Wagman-Geller

female entrepreneur books women who launch

“Women Who Launch: Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories and Strategies for Success” is a book by Marlene Wagman-Geller. It is a collection of interviews with successful female entrepreneurs who share their experiences and insights on launching and growing a small business.

The book provides inspiration and practical advice for women starting or growing businesses.

The entrepreneurs featured in the book offer tips on finding and pursuing opportunities, overcoming challenges, and balancing work and personal life. The book also provides a glimpse into successful women entrepreneurs’ lives and minds, highlighting the qualities and characteristics that have helped them succeed in their careers.

“Women Who Launch” is an empowering read for women looking to start or grow their businesses and anyone looking for inspiration and guidance on the entrepreneurial journey. You can get this amazing book at Amazon for about $3 – $20.

Dear Female Founder – Lu Li

female entrepreneur books dear female founder

“Dear Female Founder: Letters of Encouragement, Inspiration, and Advice for Women Entrepreneurs” is a book edited by Lu Li, the founder of Blooming Founders, a community for women entrepreneurs.

The book is a collection of letters written by successful female entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders, offering advice and support to women starting or growing their businesses.

The letters cover various topics, from overcoming obstacles and building resilience to finding funding and building a team. Each letter provides a unique perspective and valuable insights based on the writer’s experiences and lessons learned.

One of the strengths of “Dear Female Founder” is the diversity of voices in the book. The authors come from various industries and backgrounds, and their stories and advice are inspiring and practical.

The book is well-organized and easy to read, making it a great resource for women entrepreneurs at all stages of their careers. Whether you are just starting or an experienced business owner, you will find valuable insights and inspiration in this book.

Overall, “Dear Female Founder” is a must-read for any woman looking to start or grow her own business. This book is worth checking out at Amazon if you seek support and encouragement from successful female entrepreneurs.

A Good Time To Be A Girl – Helena Morissey

female entrepreneur books a good time to be a girl

“A Good Time to Be a Girl: Don’t Lean In, Change the System” is a book by Helena Morrissey, a businesswoman and advocate for gender equality in the workplace.

The book draws on Morrissey’s extensive experience as a successful investor and CEO.

It offers a fresh perspective on the challenges faced by women in the workplace and the broader cultural and systemic issues that contribute to gender inequality.

Throughout the book, Morrissey provides insights into the various obstacles women face in the workplace, including unconscious biases, the “motherhood penalty,” and the lack of female role models and mentors.

She also shares her experiences and lessons learned and offers practical advice and strategies for women who want to succeed in their careers while advocating for change.

Body And Soul – Anita Roddick

female entrepreneur books body and soul

“Body and Soul” by Anita Roddick is a book about the founding and growth of The Body Shop, a cosmetics company known for its commitment to ethical business practices and social activism.

Roddick shares her experiences as an entrepreneur and her mission to create a profitable business with a positive impact on the world.

The book is an inspiring and thought-provoking read for those interested in social entrepreneurship and the intersection of business and social activism. The book is available at Amazon at $10.

Drop The Ball – Tiffany Dufu

female entrepreneur books drop the ball

“Drop the Ball: Achieving More by Doing Less” is a book by Tiffany Dufu, a prominent women’s empowerment movement leader. In the book, Dufu shares her personal story and the lessons she learned about letting go of perfectionism and focusing on what truly matters.

Throughout the book, Dufu explores the unrealistic expectations placed on women and the toll they can take on their personal and professional life.

She offers practical advice and strategies for “dropping the ball” in certain areas of life to focus on what is most important and find balance and joy in the face of overwhelming demands. The book is available for about $10-$25 at Amazon.

Mistakes I Made At Work – Jessica Bacal

female entrepreneur books mistakes I made at work

“Mistakes I Made at Work” by Jessica Bacal is a book that offers valuable insights and lessons on the subject of failure and personal growth in the workplace. Bacal shares personal stories of her mistakes and failures and those of successful women in various industries.

The book encourages readers to embrace their mistakes and use them as opportunities to learn and grow.

It provides practical advice on handling failures, maintaining perspective, and moving forward confidently.

“Mistakes I Made at Work” is a well-written and insightful business book that will be especially helpful for those looking to improve their professional development. You can buy the book at Amazon for about $25.

She Means Business – Carrie Green

female entrepreneur books she means business

“She Means Business” by Carrie Green is a motivational book for female entrepreneurs. The author shares her story of starting an online business and provides practical tips and advice for starting and growing a successful enterprise.

Green emphasizes the importance of having a strong purpose, building a supportive community, and embracing failures as opportunities to learn and grow.

The book is written in an engaging and relatable tone, and it is filled with inspiring stories and practical strategies.

Talking From 9 To 5 – Deborah Tannen

female entrepreneur books talking from 9 to 5

This is a book that explores the role of gender in communication in the workplace. Tannen provides a comprehensive analysis of how men and women communicate differently and how these differences can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts in the workplace.

The book offers practical strategies for improving communication and relationships in the workplace, regardless of gender. Tannen’s writing is well-researched and backed by decades of linguistic study, making.

Whether a manager, employee, or entrepreneur, this book provides insightful advice and actionable steps to help you communicate effectively and build stronger relationships at work.

You can purchase the book for about $15 at Amazon.

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

“Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert is a book that celebrates creativity and encourages readers to embrace their imagination and pursue their passions. The author draws from her experiences as a writer and those of other creative individuals to illustrate the importance of living a creative life.

Gilbert writes in a warm and inspiring tone, offering practical advice and encouragement to anyone looking to live a more fulfilling and creative energy.

The book covers topics such as overcoming fear, finding inspiration, and embracing the creative process, making it a valuable resource for artists, writers, and anyone looking to bring more creativity into their daily life. Get the book at $15 on Amazon.

How To Be An Overnight Success – Maria Hatzistefanis

female entrepreneur books how to be an overnight success

“How to Be an Overnight Success” by Maria Hatzistefanis is a memoir and business guide that explores the author’s journey from working as a freelance beauty writer to building a multi-million dollar beauty brand.

Hatzistefanis shares her experiences and lessons learned as she transformed her business from a small startup to a global success.

The book is a mix of memoir, business advice, and inspiration, providing readers with an intimate look at the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship.

Through her own story, Hatzistefanis offers practical advice on marketing, branding, and business strategy, making “How to Be an Overnight Success” a valuable resource for anyone looking to start or grow a business.

The book is written in an engaging and relatable tone, making it an enjoyable and inspiring read for anyone looking to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into a reality.

She Speaks – Yvette Cooper

female entrepreneur books she speaks

Yvette Cooper MP tells the story of 30 inspirational speeches given by women in this timely and personal anthology.

Each speech, from Boudica to Margaret Thatcher and from Malala to gun-control activist Emma Gonzalez, will be entirely reproduced and introduced by Yvette. Not only is this a much-needed celebration of women’s speeches throughout history, but it also demonstrates that powerful and persuasive oratory can be decidedly female.

Simply put, this book is empowering, feminist, and phenomenal.

This compilation of speeches by women from all over the world, with a brief introduction at the start of each speech by Yvette Cooper, was captivating. It is simple and easy to understand, and all messages are crystal clear.

Rising Strong – Brene Brown

female entrepreneur books rising strong

“Rising Strong” by Brené Brown is a self-help book that explores rising from failures, setbacks, and emotional struggles. The author draws from her research on vulnerability, courage, and shame to offer practical insights and strategies for overcoming challenges and growing from our experiences.

In “Rising Strong,” Brown outlines a process she calls “The Reckoning, The Rumble, and The Revolution,” which guides readers through self-discovery and growth that follows any difficult experience.

The author offers a roadmap for cultivating resilience and living a full, authentic life through personal anecdotes, inspiring stories, and insightful advice.

Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office – Lois P. Frankel PhD

female entrepreneur books nice girls don't get the corner office

“Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office” by Lois P. Frankel is a self-help book that aims to empower women in the workplace. The author provides practical advice on how women can overcome common habits and behaviors that may hold them back in their careers.

Frankel draws on her experience as an executive coach and her research in gender and leadership to provide a comprehensive guide to success in the workplace. The book covers negotiating salary, assertiveness, and communication, offering tips and strategies for building confidence and advancing one’s career.

The Myth Of The Nice Girl – Fran Hauser

female entrepreneur books the myth of the nice girl

Here we have a great self-help book for women who want to succeed in their careers without sacrificing their values or compromising who they are. The author draws from her experiences as a successful media executive and investor, as well as her work as a mentor and advocate for women in the workplace, to provide practical advice and guidance for women looking to succeed in their careers.

How Women Rise – Sally Helgesen And Marshall Goldsmith

female entrepreneur books how women rise

It is a book aimed at helping women overcome the common habits and behaviors that may hold them back in their careers. The authors draw on decades of experience in executive coaching and leadership development to identify the 12 habits that hold women back and offer practical strategies for breaking these habits.

The book covers topics such as self-promotion, assertiveness, and collaboration, offering tips and techniques for developing the skills and practices needed to succeed in the workplace. You can get the book at Amazon for $15.

Who Is The Most Famous Female Entrepreneur?

It is difficult to determine the most famous female entrepreneur as the answer is subjective and depends on various factors such as geography, industry, and personal opinions. However, some popular female entrepreneurs who have received significant recognition for their achievements include the following:

  • Oprah Winfrey: A media mogul, philanthropist, and entrepreneur best known for her talk show, “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”
  • Arianna Huffington: The founder of The Huffington Post and Thrive Global, a health and wellness company.
  • Sheryl Sandberg: The former COO of Facebook and the author of the best-selling book “Lean In.”
  • Marlyin Hewson: The CEO of Lockheed Martin, one of the world’s largest aerospace and defense companies.
  • Elizabeth Holmes: the founder and former CEO of Theranos, a biotech company aimed to revolutionize blood testing.
  • Sara Blakely: the founder of Spanx, a hosiery and lingerie company.

These are just a few successful female entrepreneurs who have significantly impacted various industries and are well-known globally.

What Do Female Entrepreneurs Struggle With The Most?

Female entrepreneurs face many challenges that can hinder their success, including:

  • Lack of access to funding: Women-owned businesses often receive less funding and investment than their male-owned counterparts, making it more difficult to start and grow their businesses.
  • Work-life balance: Female entrepreneurs often face the challenge of balancing the demands of running a business with their responsibilities, such as caregiving for children or elderly family members.
  • Stereotypes and gender biases: Female entrepreneurs may face gender biases and stereotypes in the workplace, which can impact their ability to secure funding, partnerships, and customers.
  • Networking and mentorship: Women may struggle to build strong networks and find mentors who can provide support, guidance, and opportunities for growth.
  • Self-doubt and impostor syndrome: Many female entrepreneurs struggle with self-doubt and feelings of impostor syndrome, which can impact their confidence and ability to take risks.

What Are Three Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Have?

Every entrepreneur has unique skills and strengths, but some essential skills that are important for success include:

Strategic thinking and problem-solving

Entrepreneurs must be able to think creatively and strategically to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. They must also be able to identify and solve problems quickly and effectively.

Financial management

To succeed, you must have a strong understanding of financial management, including budgeting, accounting, and cash flow management. They must also be able to make smart financial decisions supporting their business’s growth.

Communication and leadership

Entrepreneurs must have strong communication skills to articulate their vision and ideas, negotiate with partners and investors, and motivate and lead their teams. They must also inspire trust and build relationships with employees, customers, and partners.

These are just a few of the many important skills for entrepreneurs, and the specific skills needed will vary depending on the industry, business model, and individual entrepreneur. However, by developing these foundational skills, entrepreneurs can lay the foundation for success in their ventures.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a female entrepreneur is a challenging and rewarding journey that requires diverse skills, knowledge, and personal qualities.

Whether you are just starting or are looking to grow your existing business, it is important to continuously develop and refine your skills, seek out mentorship and support, and stay informed about industry trends and best practices.

Remember, you can turn your entrepreneurial vision into a successful reality with hard work, perseverance, and a willingness to learn.

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