How to tell if your partner is financially stable?

Is your date a financial winner or loser? We have created a list of the top 7 ways to determine if your romantic interest is financially stable.

Financially stable people have goals and are actively acting towards success.

Sharing your life with someone who is disciplined with money will make your life easier. But choosing someone financially irresponsible can end in big regret.

Major reasons why relationships fail are due to financial problems due to lack of communication, planning and goals.

Follow our list of 7 signs that your date is financially stable.

Top 7 signs your date is a financial stud or dud

signs financially responsible

1. Transparent about money

Financially stable people are transparent with their money. Here are some key signs to look out for when determining your dates’ financial stability.

If your date is transparent about their finances and has no fear of sharing, then this is a sign that your date is honest with you. They don’t have to share specific details, some general stuff like having goals and good habits is enough.

Beware if your date diverts from financial conversation or seems agitated when talking about finances.

Money transparency is a top indicator that your date knows what they are doing with their money.

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2. Has stable assets

According to an article by the National Institute on Retirement Security nearly 45% do not own any retirement account assets?

You can check this box off your list if your romantic interest has stable assets. Knowing that they have stable assets shows this person is financially secure and responsible.

A potential love interest that is serious about their future is somebody you want to get to know deeper.

Most importantly, ensure their values align with your financial values and goals.

Hard-working, financially secure partners, make the best partners. Balancing their priorities and showing a solid foundation are good qualities. Bonus points if they already know how to budget.

Prioritizing their assets ensures that this person takes life seriously.

Hopefully, over time, you both will be able to work your goals and priorities into a beautiful union for years to come.

3. Has solid financial goals

goals driven person

Wouldn’t it be great to have a partner with similar interests?

If your romantic interest is open enough to share their goals and those goals show a solid financial future, you are looking at a winner.

Pursue this one, and continue checking boxes off your list. You might have just found your perfect match.

Financial stability is fundamental to a secure relationship and financial future.

An article by CNBC says that approximately 75% of households just wing it with their money. They have no plan.

A lack of solid financial goals can be concerning.

Preparing a plan and knowing your goals is essential for the growth and success of your goals.

Just remember that money problems is the number one reason for divorce.

Getting a clear picture in the beginning, will save you months and even years of lost time and heartache.

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4. Has great credit

An outstanding way to determine if your date is a financial stud or dud is if they have great credit.

This is something that may take some time. You don’t want to start your date by asking them directly what their credit score is. But it’s something to know before you start thinking seriously about this person.

Another sign that your date has great credit is observing their spending habits. If they are serial spenders who have a taste for luxury items but earn a budget income, these are red flags that your romantic interest may have credit problems.

People who are good with money have similar traits and qualities. Look for those.

5. Has a long-term work history

employment history

Does your partner have a work history? Have they mentioned jumping from job to job? Possibly can’t seem to find their place in a career.

This person might not be the relationship type.

A financially stable partner can truthfully say they have worked in their position or company for some time.

Long-term work history is a sign of commitment and a great relationship sign.

They value what they do and are willing to work through tough times to help their teammates. They are loyal and responsible.

6. Willing to split the check on outings

Have you had a date that always made excuses not to pay? Maybe uses the line, oh shoot, I left my wallet at home. Can you pay?

Huge red flag!

A financially stable partner would be inclined to pay the entire bill and even be open to the idea of splitting the bill.

Relationships often don’t work out in the end because of reasons over money.

It turns out that a partner willing to split the bill on outings is also someone with a moral responsibility to themselves.

Allowing for equality in a relationship early on sets the standard that you are both equals, and no one is more responsible for the other.

7. Humble, simple lifestyle

If you meet someone attractive and with a humble, simple lifestyle, you should stick around.

Meeting someone humble these days is a quality that screams relationship-type material.

Social media makes everything unrealistic and sets unrealistic standards. We see young people trying to mimic celebrities’ lifestyles, flashy and less than simple.

Expensive cars, designer clothing, gourmet restaurants, and much more money spent and wasted on pictures.

Humble, simplistic and regular people are real and, in the end, honest.

Choose someone hard-working and financially secure over the person waving their credit card around with no bank account and loads of credit card debt.

Have a good exit plan prepared if your partner is not humble and avoids a simple lifestyle.


What is considered financially stable?

An example of financial stability includes all your expenses, debts, and income necessary for you to maintain a certain standard of living.

What you consider “reasonable” may not be what is considered reasonable or fair to another, so keep this in mind when considering and putting a value behind financial stability.

For most, an example of financial stability is your home mortgage, and that you can make payments on time.

An unreasonable purchase is a car payment, especially if it exceeds your ability to pay for it in full at some time, or you constantly default on your payments.

How much money does a financially stable partner need?

The amount of money needed is more of a personal scenario.

If you are used to a specific lifestyle and are unwilling to change, then you need to assess your needs to determine what is right for you.

A general rule of thumb is that you must have enough money in the reserve to not get behind on your bills and run into financial trouble when needed, such as in a medical emergency.

If this means having more than what’s required, then so be it! The purpose of financial stability is to provide for yourself after work life ends, not before.

What is the right time to determine if your romantic partner is financially stable?

Is it before you get married? Is it after marriage? After the first child is born?

Ideally, finding out if your romantic partner is financially stable should be early on in your relationship.

A good relationship has open communication.

Getting the serious information in the open as soon as possible signifies that you are spending time with someone who takes life seriously.

When the hard topics are hard to talk about, and the relationship is entirely based on fun, you might consider your partner a short-term love interest or even an exit plan.

If your goals are to have a future of financial security and share your life with a partner, then you want to be on the same page.

Look for the red flags and avoid them. The major factor for relationship failure is money problems, so find out sooner than later.

All in all

The future of your relationship with your partner depends on the standards you set for yourself at the beginning of your relationship.

If you come across a partner who passes our seven tips to prove they are financially stable, keep them as candidates for your future happiness.

Relationships are not all based on money, and many aspects make up a good partner.

Consider a partner who has goals for the long term, has assets and a plan, is humble and simple, and most importantly, fall in love.

A relationship type based only on money is lacking in other areas. Choose well-rounded, and look for hard-working and deep loving.

Watch out for the red flags that can come from a partner that is not prepared.

According to the Institute For Divorce Financial Analysis, 22% of divorces are caused by money problems.

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