How To Get Jobs On Upwork With No Experience

Upwork is a popular freelance platform that connects businesses and individuals with freelancers worldwide. It provides an opportunity for people to work remotely and offers a vast range of jobs for those looking to start their careers in the freelance industry.

Many often struggle to get their first job on Upwork due to a lack of experience.

In this guide, we will explore how to get jobs on Upwork with no experience and provide tips and strategies to help you succeed in landing your first job.

Whether you’re a writer, designer, developer, or freelancer, this guide will help you build a strong profile, write compelling proposals, and showcase your skills to potential clients.

What Is Upwork?

This is Upwork logo which is an American freelancing platform.

Upwork was formed in 2014 by merging two freelance marketplaces, Elance and oDesk. Upwork offers job opportunities in various fields, including writing, design, development, and customer service.

The platform allows clients to post job listings, review freelancer profiles, and hire freelancers for short-term or long-term projects. Freelancers can create profiles highlighting their skills and experience, bid on job listings, and communicate with clients through the platform. Upwork offers a secure payment system and tools for time tracking and project management, making it a convenient and reliable platform for clients and freelancers. Upwork has become one of the leading freelance platforms, with millions of freelancers and businesses using the platform to connect and collaborate on projects.

How Does It Work?

The platform is designed to enable clients to find and hire the right freelancers for their projects while allowing freelancers to showcase their skills and find work that matches their interests and experience.

The first step to using Upwork is creating an account as either a client or freelancer. Clients can post job descriptions detailing their projects and the skills required. Freelancers can then submit proposals to clients with details about their skills, experience, and cost for the project. Clients can then review the proposals and choose the best candidate for their project.

Once a freelancer is hired, the work is conducted on the Upwork platform. Clients can communicate with their freelancers through Upwork’s messaging system, allowing easy collaboration and communication throughout the project. Upwork also has built-in time tracking and invoicing systems to help manage payments and ensure accurate billing for the work completed.

One unique feature of Upwork is its ability to offer different pricing models, such as hourly or fixed-price contracts. Hourly contracts involve tracking the time spent on the project, while fixed-price contracts involve agreeing on a set price for the project as a whole. Upwork also offers a range of payment methods, such as Bank Transfers and Paypal, to accommodate clients and freelancers worldwide.

Upwork has a system for verifying work quality and ensuring that freelancers are reliable and meet their commitments. Clients can provide feedback and ratings on freelancers, which helps build the freelancer’s reputation on the platform. Freelancers are also encouraged to provide high-quality work, as positive reviews and ratings can lead to more work opportunities in the future.

With its easy-to-use interface, various pricing models, and focus on quality work, Upwork has become popular among freelancers and businesses.

Is Upwork A Good Option For Beginners?

Upwork can be a good option for beginners seeking freelance work opportunities.

One advantage of Upwork for beginners is that it allows them to build their portfolio and reputation. You can apply for jobs even if you do not have any prior work experience as long as you can demonstrate your skills and knowledge in your area of expertise. Upwork also offers various skill tests that you can take to showcase your expertise in your field.

However, competition is tough, and building your profile and reputation on the platform may take some time. You may have to start with lower-paying jobs to gain experience and credibility, but as you build your portfolio, you can increase your rates and take on higher-paying projects.

Upwork can be a good option for beginners willing to put in the time and effort to build their profiles and establish their reputation as skilled freelancers. According to Upwork, freelancers have the potential to increase their earnings by up to 75% while working on the platform.

Steps to Start Making Money On Upwork With No Experience

showing the first steps to get a job in Upwork

In today’s digital age, platforms like Upwork have become more accessible to people looking to begin their freelance journey. However, most people without experience may wonder how they can start earning money on Upwork. The good news is that with the right approach, it is possible to build a successful freelancing career on Upwork, even if you start from scratch.

1.Start Small: Choose Small Jobs In The Beginning

Starting with small jobs on can be a good strategy for beginners who want to build their reputation and gain experience.

Here are some reasons why starting with small jobs can be beneficial:

  1. Builds your reputation
  2. Develops your skills
  3. Provides valuable experience
  4. Increases your chances of getting hired
  5. Helps you establish a fair rate: By working on small jobs, you can better understand how much time and effort it takes to complete different projects. This can help you establish a fair service rate and avoid underpricing your work.

2.Focus On Positive Reviews And Feedback

Positive reviews and feedback on your profile are crucial in setting you apart from other freelancers on Upwork. As you accumulate positive reviews, a potential client will see you have a track record of delivering high-quality work, meeting deadlines, and communicating effectively. This can help you land more clients in the future and make your profile stand out from other freelancers with no feedback.

Positive reviews also help to establish your expertise in your field. If clients see that you have completed similar projects successfully in the past, they are more likely to trust you with their work. This can lead to more job invitations, which will help you build a more sustainable freelance career.

Positive reviews and feedback can also help you to improve your skills. By asking clients for feedback on your work, you can learn from their critiques and make changes to improve the quality of your work.

3.Optimize Your Profile

Using keywords in your profile that align with your services is important. This helps potential clients find your profile when they search for freelancers with specific skills or expertise. Including a portfolio of your work is also essential, as it demonstrates your capabilities and showcases your style.

Another critical aspect is to ensure that your profile is professional and polished. Avoid using slang or informal language, and proofread your profile for errors. Your profile picture should be professional, and your profile overview should be clear and concise, highlighting your unique selling proposition and what sets you apart from other freelancers.

Remember that it’s about having a well-optimized profile and being proactive in your search for jobs. Apply to jobs regularly, and don’t hesitate to ask clients for feedback on your work. Continuously improve your skills, aiming to deliver high-quality work that exceeds client expectations.

4.Send Proposals To Clients

To earn money on Upwork, seek job opportunities that align with your expertise and qualifications. The following suggestions can assist you in identifying and submitting applications for suitable Upwork jobs.

  1. Search for jobs in your niche: Use the search function on Upwork to find jobs that match your skills and experience. Narrow your search by using relevant keywords that relate to your expertise.
  2. Read the job description carefully: This will help you understand what the client is looking for and whether you are a good fit.
  3. Tailor your proposal: When submitting a proposal for a job, tailor it to the specific job and client. Highlight your relevant skills and experience, and explain how you can help clients achieve their goals.
  4. Provide relevant samples: If you have samples of work that are relevant to the job, include them in your proposal. This can help the client see the quality of your work and how it fits their needs.
  5. Show your enthusiasm: Let the client know you are excited about the job and how you can help them achieve their goals. Be positive and professional in your communication with the client.
  6. Be responsive: Once you’ve submitted a proposal, be responsive to any messages or questions from the client. This shows that you are interested in the job and willing to work with the client to achieve their goals.

5.Become An Interview Expert

A good microphone and webcam are essential as they enable you to communicate clearly and professionally during client interviews and meetings. This helps you build a positive impression and showcase your expertise, increasing your chances of landing a job.

In addition to having the right hardware, ensuring a reliable internet connection, as poor connectivity can disrupt meetings and give a negative impression to clients.

To make the most out of your meetings with potential clients, it’s essential to prepare beforehand. Review the job posting and research the client to understand their business and needs. Prepare a list of questions to ask the client during the meeting, and be ready to discuss your relevant experience and skills.

Listen carefully to the client’s needs during the meeting and ask questions to clarify their requirements. This will help you tailor your responses and demonstrate your understanding of their needs. Highlight your strengths and unique selling proposition to stand out from other freelancers.

Following up after the meeting with a thank-you note can also be a valuable way to set yourself apart and show the client that you are interested and committed to their project.

6.Customer Service: Be Attentive To Job Invites

When working as a freelancer on Upwork, job invitations can be a valuable source of leads for your business. To make the most of this opportunity, it’s important to be attentive to job invites and respond promptly to increase your chances of securing new work.

When responding to job invitations, one key factor is ensuring that the job fits your skills and experience. Before submitting a proposal, take the time to carefully review the job description and requirements to make sure that you can deliver high-quality work that meets the client’s needs.

Be attentive to the client’s budget and requirements when responding to job invitations. By providing tailored proposals that address the client’s specific needs and offer competitive pricing, you can stand out from other freelancers and increase your chances of winning new projects.

Remember to be professional and courteous when responding to job invitations. By demonstrating your expertise, attentiveness, and commitment to delivering high-quality work, you can build strong relationships with clients and establish a positive reputation on Upwork.

Bonus Tips To Do Your Best On Upwork

As a freelancer on Upwork, you want to do your best work to succeed in the competitive online marketplace. Whether you’re new to the platform or have been working on it for a while, there are always ways to improve your skills, build your reputation, and attract more clients. This portion will share tips to help you do your best work on Upwork and grow your freelance business.

Choose Great Clients

To do your best on Upwork, it’s important to choose great clients who will value your skills and pay you fairly for your work. Here are some tips to help you select great clients on Upwork:

  1. Look for clients with a good track record: Check their profiles and read their reviews and ratings from other freelancers. This will give you an idea of their experience working with other freelancers and how they communicate and collaborate.
  2. Read the job description carefully: Ensure you understand the job requirements and the client’s needs. If the job description is vague or unclear, it may be a red flag that the client is not serious about the project or has no clear idea of what they want.
  3. Ask questions: Before submitting a proposal, reach out to the client and ask any questions about the project. This will help you determine if the client is responsive and communicative and if the project fits your skills and experience.
  4. Consider the budget: Make sure the client’s budget is reasonable for the work you will be doing. Don’t be afraid to negotiate if the budget is too low or if you feel you deserve more for your skills and experience.
  5. Trust your instincts: If something doesn’t feel right about the client or the project, trust your instincts and move on. There are plenty of great clients on Upwork, so don’t waste your time on ones that aren’t a good fit for you.

Communicate And Deliver Jobs On Time

Effective communication and timely delivery are critical factors in building a successful reputation on Upwork as a freelancer.

Effective communication and timely delivery are critical factors in building a successful reputation on Upwork as a freelancer. Here are some tips to help you communicate and deliver jobs on time:

  1. Set clear expectations: From the beginning, make sure you and your client have a clear understanding of the project requirements, timelines, and deliverables. This will help avoid any misunderstandings or surprises later on.
  2. Use a project management tool: Utilize a project management tool, such as Asana or Trello, to help you stay organized and keep track of deadlines, tasks, and progress. This will help you meet your deadlines and stay on track with the project.
  3. Communicate regularly: Keep your client updated on your progress and any challenges you encounter. Regular communication will help build trust and confidence in your abilities as a freelancer.
  4. Be responsive: Respond promptly to any messages or requests from your client. This will demonstrate your professionalism and dedication to the project.
  5. Plan for contingencies: Prepare for unforeseen circumstances that may impact your ability to deliver the project on time. For example, if you get sick or have an emergency, have a backup plan to ensure the project doesn’t fall behind schedule.
  6. Deliver high-quality work: Deliver your work on time and ensure it meets or exceeds the client’s expectations. This will help you build a positive reputation and increase the likelihood of repeat work or referrals.

Get A tracking App From Upwork

Upwork offers a time-tracking app called Upwork Desktop App that can help you accurately track your time on a project. The app takes screenshots of your work regularly and tracks your keyboard and mouse activity to ensure you are working on the project.

Here’s how you can get the Upwork Desktop App:

  1. Go to the Upwork website and log in to your account.
  2. Click the ‘Find Work’ tab and select ‘Get Paid.’
  3. Click on the ‘Download Upwork Desktop App’ button.
  4. Follow the instructions to download and install the app on your computer.
  5. Once installed, log in to the app with your Upwork account login details.
  6. Select the project you want to track time for and click on the ‘Start’ button to begin tracking time.

The Upwork Desktop App is mandatory for hourly projects on Upwork. This ensures you are paid fairly for your time working on the project. However, you may not need to use the app if working on a fixed-price project.

Review Upwork’s policies on time tracking and ensure you use the app correctly to avoid any issues with your clients or Upwork.

Ensure Payment Method With Client Upfront

It’s important to ensure that you have agreed upon a payment method with your client upfront before starting any work on Upwork. Here are some ideas to help you ensure payment method with your client upfront:

  1. Discuss payment options: Before accepting a project, discuss payment options with your client. This will help you ensure that you are both on the same page and that you understand the payment terms.
  2. Use Upwork’s payment system: Upwork provides a secure payment system that allows you to send invoices and receive payment for your work. It’s recommended that you use this system to ensure you are paid for your work.
  3. Set payment milestones: If you are working on a larger project, it may be beneficial to set payment milestones. This means you will receive payment after completing specific project parts. This can help ensure that you are paid for your work and that the client is satisfied with the progress.
  4. Require upfront payment: Consider requiring upfront payment before starting work on the project. This can help ensure you are paid for your work and that the client is committed to the project.
  5. Verify payment method: Verify that the client has a valid payment method on file before starting work on the project. This will help ensure that you are paid for your work and that there are no payment issues later.

Communicate openly with your clients and ensure you clearly understand the payment terms before starting any work.

Apply To Jobs With A Clear Job Desk

When applying to jobs on Upwork, carefully read the job description and ensure you understand the job requirements before submitting a proposal. Here are some tips to help you apply for jobs with a clear job description:

  1. Read the job description carefully: Before applying to a job, read the job description carefully and make sure you understand the requirements, deliverables, and deadlines.
  2. Check the client’s profile: Review the client’s profile to see if they have a clear history of hiring and paying freelancers on Upwork. This will help you determine if they are a reliable client to work with.
  3. Customize your proposal to address the specific requirements listed in the job description. This will help the client see that you have read and understand the job requirements and are a good fit.
  4. Highlight your relevant experience and skills in your proposal to demonstrate why you are the best fit for the job. This will help the client see that you have the necessary expertise to complete the project successfully.
  5. Provide clear examples of your work and how it relates to the job requirements. This will help the client see you have the skills and experience needed to complete the job.

Can You Grow Your Portfolio Of Experience With Upwork?

Yes, you can certainly grow your portfolio of experience with Upwork. As a freelancer on Upwork, you can take on a variety of projects in your field of expertise, which can help you build up your portfolio and gain valuable experience.

I put some ideas to help you grow your portfolio of experience with Upwork:

  1. Choose projects that align with your interests and expertise. Select projects you are passionate about and have experience in; you are more likely to produce high-quality work and receive positive client feedback.
  2. Communicate effectively with your clients. Maintaining clear and open lines of communication with your clients can help ensure that you understand their expectations and requirements for the project.
  3. Deliver high-quality work on time. Meeting deadlines and producing quality work is essential to building a positive reputation on Upwork and attracting new clients.
  4. Ask clients for feedback and reviews. Positive reviews and client feedback can help you build credibility and attract more clients to your profile.
  5. Continuously learn and improve. Take on new projects that challenge you and help you learn new skills. This can help you expand your portfolio and attract clients who are looking for someone with a diverse range of skills and experience.


If you’re looking to get jobs on Upwork with no experience, there are several strategies you can employ to increase your chances of success.

Create a strong profile highlighting your skills and demonstrating your expertise in your chosen field. Start by applying for smaller jobs to build your portfolio and gain experience on the platform.

Consider taking relevant online courses or certifications to bolster your knowledge and qualifications.

Networking with other freelancers on Upwork and reaching out to potential clients directly can also be effective ways to secure jobs.

Finally, be persistent and patient, as landing your first few jobs may take time and effort. With dedication and a willingness to learn, you can establish a successful freelance career on Upwork even without prior experience.

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