Help Me Save Money, The Survivor’s Guide To Getting Ahead

Help me save money! I’m drowning! Sounds pretty scary, right? Well, debt is just like jumping into the pool’s deep end and not knowing how to swim.

Everyone needs a simple guide to getting ahead and staying afloat when the waters of debt seem too deep. There is always a solution to get ahead, but it takes time and planning, like anything new. It takes commitment and a solid plan to execute.

Now, who is ready to get planning to save money now!

Start by creating a budget

If you can’t seem to make ends of a dollar. Start by creating a budget and goal list.

Be a survivor and not a victim of debt. Many of us are trying to get ahead, not stay behind.

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How do you create a budget?

Let’s start with your salary. What is the frequency of your pay, weekly, bi-weekly or daily? Start here and build your budget.

Step 1: Take your salary and divide it by 52. Your goal is to calculate your weekly income.

Next, multiply it by weeks in the month; four is a good starting number. Now you know what you get paid each month.

Step 2: Determine your expenses. Set this number and write all the bills you pay every month. Rent, car payment, credit card bills, etc.

Step 3: Next, review how much you spend on luxury expenses and outings with friends. Remember, these all count. This shows how much you spend for the month.

With all your expenses accounted for, you can start thinking about what else you need to save for, maybe, paying down high credit card balances, saving for a house.

Budgets are handy when planning for success.

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Trim off unnecessary expenses

Trimming off unnecessary expenses is important if you’re trying to get ahead financially.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of bills, insurance premiums, and banking fees.

Paying off large debts are scary if you’re unprepared.

Understanding how saving money actually works and how it can help you survive and avoid long-term financial woes like debt and job loss can make a big difference.

In addition, we’ll give tips on how to cut back on unnecessary expenses, how to save more money and live more comfortably forever. Let’s check out a few tips here:

  • Save On Car Insurance: There are several apps, like Jerry, that can help reduce costs. If your car is not financed, and you are a good driver, you can switch to a lower tier insurance.
  • Start Cooking At-Home: Cooking at home is very affordable and quick. There are millions of fun recipes to try. For fun and easy recipe ideas, check out
  • Meal Planning: Meal planning is a great tool for grocery shopping. Planning saves enormous amounts of money. A huge benefit of planning is less waste and more money in your pocket.
  • Save Money When Eating Out: A good trick to save money when eating out is to grab a light snack before you go. Order an appetizer instead of a full dinner. You’re saving money and hundreds of unnecessary calories this way!

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Meal planning, The secret weapon of saving

If your goal is to save money and live better, here’s your personal guide to doing better.

Meal planning is essential for saving money and living better. If you don’t have time to cook, especially if you’re busy with work and school?

Never worry again!

Many people feel overwhelmed coming up with ideas on what to make or even plan. If you just plan a little, you’ll save more time and so much money.

Start with three days, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

As a beginner, just plan your dinner for these three days. A quick and easy idea is to plan a large casserole, these last days.

The more you practice meal planning, the better you will do.

Do you have a few pounds to lose? Meal planning will help you reach your goals, so it is a win, win!

Invest in yourself!

building blocks with letters and arrows on blue and grey background spelling word invest save money

Invest in yourself by learning how to save and getting out of debt.

First, pay off your debt. Do not borrow more than you can afford.

With some practice, you’ll soon realize that paying off your debt is far better than going into default and never paying them off at all!

You need to put healthy food on your plate!

A healthy diet helps if you eat a variety of foods like fruits and vegetables.

Eating healthy helps keep weight down. Healthier bodies also help avoid conditions that diet and lifestyle control, which can be very costly.

Stay disciplined

It is a remarkable thing to see how much people spend to afford their current lifestyle.

There are a few essential tips that can help you save money and live better:

  • Save Money By Planning Your Budget
  • Live On Less than You Spend
  • Plan Your Meals Before You Go Shopping
  • Get Organized With A Budget Spreadsheet
  • Shop Small and Conserve Resources

Sometimes people are afraid to admit they are frugal. Frugality is not shameful, it’s unique and inspiring. Be proud of your frugality and share the benefits it offers.

Personally, the more open I am about my lifestyle, the more people I connect with.

It’s refreshing to hear when other people admit they are trying to save money, get a good deal or waste less.

Saving money is the new “cool kid”. Never feel ashamed that you are saving money, trying to get out of debt or planning a future for yourself.

Plenty of wasteful people who brag about their lavish vacations or purchases are attention seekers.

Ignore the outside and stay focused on you, your goal, and sticking to your budget.

Debt can be a big black hole if you don’t have a plan.

Avoid debt, and following our guide to get moving in the right direction.

Stay focused, my friends, and make saving money and getting ahead your priority. Be a survivor, not a victim!

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