23 Lazy Ways To Make Money

Have you reached the end of a long week and still need to make up some extra money? Good news – plenty of low-effort cash generators could put $50 or more in your pocket each day.

All it takes is an internet connection, a laptop, and minimal effort. Enjoying a cup of tea (or whatever beverage strikes your fancy) while making easy money has never been so simple.

Why Choose Lazy Ways to Make Money?

Making money doesn’t have to be hard work, which is why lazy ways to make money appeal to many people. For example, there are great opportunities for passive income that require very little effort, like renting out your property or investing in stocks and mutual funds.

Additionally, several online earning opportunities, like becoming a virtual assistant or a web designer, can provide additional income with minimal involvement.

In most cases, you can do these jobs in your downtime while continuing to work full-time elsewhere. Taking advantage of some lazy ways to make money is an easy way to increase your income without sacrificing much of your time and effort.

Ready to find your next great opportunity? Look no further – below are some awesome ideas that could be just what you need. See if one speaks to you; even if none of them do, they got the creative juices flowing:

1. Create A Blog And Place Ads

You can earn easy money by running ad on your blog website.

Creating a blog to make money is an underestimated yet smart way to earn an income without putting in hours of hard labor. It might take some time and effort initially, but the monetary rewards can be surprisingly high once you have a few blog posts.

To maximize your potential earnings, consider installing ads on your site that are pertinent to what you’re writing about; like placing advertisements related to cooking if your blog is about food trends.

Once traffic increases due to SEO or other marketing platforms, more people will see those ads, providing you with a constant flow of passive income.

The best thing about creating a blog is its low-cost setup, so anyone can do it.

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2. House Sitting

You don’t have to worry about getting dressed up and traveling a long distance; all you need to do is sit in someone else’s house and get paid. Everything is typically taken care of for you, from food, entertainment, Wi-Fi, and more.

There’s no commitment either – house sits can be short or long-term, depending on your preference. Plus, if there are any pets around, you should be able to play with them too.

It also provides a great opportunity for adventure and exploration in new surroundings.

Here are some platforms where you can find house-sitting jobs:

  • HouseSit Match – Housesit Match allows travelers to easily find home and pet owners peace of mind knowing their furry friends are being taken care of while they’re away. Homeowners can enjoy a worry-free vacation with the comfort that someone is keeping an eye on things back at home.
  • House Carers
lazy way to make money house sitting

House Carers is a great way to find a house and pet-sitting jobs. Travelers can search by location, dates, type of stay, and even pet preference.

  • TrustedHousesitters.com -TrustedHousesitters.com is a great way to find house and pet-sitting jobs and give travelers exclusive discounts at participating hotels and restaurants.
  • MindMyHouse
lazy ways to make money house service

MindMyHouse is an online community of people who exchange house and pet-sitting services. Homeowners can post jobs and search for sitters in the local area. Plus, the site has a secure messaging system so you can chat with potential sitters before confirming any bookings.

3. Baby Sitting

Babysitting jobs are usually short and can be done in your spare time. You get to meet new people and bond with some adorable little ones. Start by reaching out to family, friends, and neighbors who may need your services.

You can also look for job postings on websites like

  • Care.com – Parents can find qualified babysitters, nannies, and other caregivers in their local area.
  • Sitly – With Sitly, you can conveniently locate a babysitter or childcare. You can contact them directly and arrange an interview with ease. It’s up to you which type of care provider is most suitable for your needs, allowing you to make educated decisions about who should take care of your child(ren).
  • Sittercity – Sittercity.com is an invaluable resource for individuals, families, and corporate employees looking to hire qualified caregivers locally. This revolutionary website provides access to babysitters, nannies, pet sitters, senior care providers, and housekeepers – all carefully vetted professionals that bring peace of mind to your search for trustworthy in-home care services.
  • Sitter Pro – Sitter Pro is an online platform that connects parents with experienced babysitters and helps them manage their babysitting schedules.
  • Helpr – Parents can find experienced babysitters with flexible hours and competitive rates. Plus, they offer a secure payment system, so you don’t have to worry about getting paid.

4. Walmart Security And Public Safety

Consider applying as a Walmart security associate. As an associate, you’ll be responsible for enforcing company policies, keeping an eye out for shoplifting, and patrolling the store. You’ll also have to monitor video surveillance systems and respond to emergencies.

5. Rent A Room In Your House

All you have to do is find someone suitable and willing to rent your room. You can list your room on websites like Airbnb and Vrbo. Plus, you can set your rates to make as much money as you want. Plus, since the tenant will be living in your home, you can rest assured that your space is safe.

6. Social Media Manager

Are you good with social media? Consider becoming a Social media manager. You’ll promote companies and products through various platforms. You’ll have to create content, manage social media accounts, and analyze data to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.

7. Get Paid To Watch Netflix

netflix get paid

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. You can get paid to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix as a tagger. Taggers are responsible for labeling content so that viewers can find it easily. All you need to do is watch the content and tag it with relevant keywords.

8. Play Video Games

Why not make money while having fun if you’re a gamer? There are plenty of opportunities to get paid to play video games. You could join a game testing program and provide feedback on the game’s design, gameplay, and mechanics. Or you can stream your gameplay on platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming for extra cash.

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9. Food Tester

Food testers are responsible for tasting and reviewing food products. You’ll have to evaluate food products’ taste, texture, and flavor and provide feedback. This is a great job for those who love trying new things and can easily pinpoint subtle differences in taste.

10. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online without having to do much work. Sign up for an affiliate program, and you’ll be given links to share with your audience. You’ll earn a commission whenever someone clicks on the link and purchases a product. You can promote products on your blog, website, or social media to make some extra cash.

11. Sell Photos Online

Do you have an eye for photography? You can easily make some extra money by selling your photos online. There are plenty of websites that offer stock photography services. You have to upload your photos and set the price, and you’re ready to make some money.

12. Fill Out Surveys

You can find surveys on websites like Survey Junkie, MyPoints, and Swagbucks. Answer a few questions and provide your honest opinion, and you’ll get paid for it. Plus, you can do these surveys from anywhere; it’s a great way to make money on the go.

13. Earn Points With High Reward Credit Cards

Do you have a credit card? If so, then consider signing up for high-reward cards. These cards offer cash back or points when you make purchases. You can accumulate these points and redeem them for gift cards, hotel stays, cash rewards, and more. It’s an easy way to make money while you shop.

14. Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are great for those who don’t have a lot of skills. Entering data into a computer or database is a straightforward task that doesn’t require any special skills. You can find data entry jobs on websites like Upwork and Fiverr. Plus, you can do this job from the comfort of your home.

15. Customer Service

Being a customer service representative is great way to make money.

Being a customer service representative is another easy way to make money. You’ll interact with customers via phone, email, or online chat to answer their questions and help resolve any issues they may have. You’ll need good communication and customer service skills, but the job is relatively easy. Plus, you can do it from home or remotely.

16. Voice Overs

You can get paid to use your voice for commercials, audiobooks, video games, and more. Record your voice and upload it to a website like Voices.com or Indeed. Depending on the project, you can make anywhere from a few to several hundred dollars.

17. Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the most popular ways to make money online. You can offer your services as a writer, graphic designer, web developer, or virtual assistant. You can create a profile on sites like Freelancer.com, Guru or find direct clients on LinkedIn or any social media platforms and get hired for projects that fit your skills. This is a great way to make money from home, and you can set your hours.

18. Writing Scripts For Youtube Videos

YouTube is a great platform to make money on. You can create scripts for YouTube videos and get paid. Scripts can range from tutorials to comedic skits – whatever your client needs. You can also develop your writing skills by working with various clients. You can make a good living from this passive income stream with the right script writing skills.

19. Notary

You can offer notary services as a way to make some extra cash. It doesn’t take too much time, and you only need to provide a few documents. You can charge a small fee for this service, which is a great way to turn some of your free time into cash.

20. Teach English Online

You don’t have to be fluent in English to make money teaching others the language. Plenty of online teaching platforms, such as VIPKid, Verbling, italki, and Preply, allow you to teach English online and earn up to $20 per hour. You need a laptop, a reliable internet connection, and the ability to teach. Plus, you can set your schedule.

21. Apple Store Games

Do you love playing games on your iPhone or iPad? You can make money by testing new apps and games in the Apple Store. Sign up as a tester, and you’ll get paid for each game or app you test. Apple will also send you feedback after each session to help improve the game. A few hours of testing can add up to a nice payday.

22. Create A Course For Udemy

Udemy is a learning platform that lets anyone create and sell online courses. Offer expertise on a topic you’re passionate about, like nutrition, parenting, or marketing. You can also create courses on software development and design. Your earnings will increase as you create more content thanks to Udemy’s generous payout structure. It’s a great way to generate extra income without too much effort.

23. Get Paid To Exercise

You can now get paid to exercise through apps like Sweatcoin and Fitcoin. These apps track your activity and convert it into points you can redeem for rewards like gift cards or cash. Sweatcoin even pays out in cryptocurrency, allowing you to earn some money while getting fit. Check out these apps to make extra money while staying active.

Final Thoughts

Working long hours during the day can be exhausting, so it’s no surprise many of us are looking for ways to make extra money without too much effort.

We’ve got you covered – from online surveys, and freelance gigs to selling unwanted items or starting your blog, a wide range of side-hustling options are available.

With more time on our hands each week, we could leverage a lazy way to bring home that little something extra every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should You Consider When Pursuing an Online Job?

When considering an online job, looking at the pay rate and how much time you can commit is important. Make sure the job aligns with your passions and interests, as this will help you stay motivated.

Do some research on the company to make sure it’s reputable and trustworthy. Lastly, ensure that the online job is legal in your country before pursuing it.

Which Title Would I Have as an Employee for One of These Sites?

The title you would have depends on the type of job you are doing. For instance, if you’re freelancing for Fiverr, you may have the title of Freelancer or Consultant.

On the other hand, if you’re working as a customer service representative for Amazon, you may have the title of Customer Service Representative. It also depends on the company you’re working for and their specific job titles.

Will I Have to Pay Tax When Working on These Sites?

In most cases, yes. Depending on where you live, you may need to pay taxes on your income from online jobs. Check with your local government and research the tax laws in your country before taking on an online job. Additionally, most companies provide resources to help you understand the tax implications of working online.

Can I Make a Full-Time Income From These Jobs?

While making a full-time income from these jobs is possible, it may not be sustainable in the long term. To make a full-time income, you need to have a consistent stream of clients or customers and work the same job for many hours each day. You may also need to be able to work in multiple online jobs to make a full-time income.

Can I Guarantee That I Will Make Money From These Jobs?

No, you can never guarantee that you’ll make money from these jobs. It all depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to put in and how successful you are in finding clients or customers. The amount of money you make will depend on your job type and skill level.

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