Pregnant & Profitable: How To Make Money While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience that brings many joys and challenges. While it is important to prioritize one’s health and the growing baby’s health, women may also be interested in finding ways to earn money while pregnant.

This is where “Pregnant & Profitable: How To Make Money While Pregnant” comes in. Our guide provides insights and tips on the best jobs for pregnant women that can be done from home and around pregnancy-related needs and limitations.

By exploring these options, pregnant individuals can potentially find a work-from-home job while still being able to prioritize their health and their baby’s health.

Best Jobs For Women Who Want to Make Money While Pregnant

Pregnancy is an exciting and transformative time in a woman's life

Pregnancy is an exciting and transformative time in a woman’s life. However, it can also bring financial challenges, particularly when you need money while pregnant and unemployed.

This guide will explore some of the best jobs for women who want to generate income during pregnancy. Jobs for pregnant women from remote work and freelancing to consulting and other flexible career options, we will discuss how women can balance their work and pregnancy-related and still get paid.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is one of the best jobs for women who want to make money while pregnant. As a VA, you’ll remotely provide businesses or individuals administrative and other support services. This means you can work from the comfort of your own home and set your schedule, which is ideal for pregnant women who may need to take breaks or rest periods throughout the day.

As a VA, here are some of the services you may offer:

  • Answering emails
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Managing social media accounts
  • Data entry
  • Graphic design
  • Writing
  • Blog management

Skills and Qualifications

Strong communication skills
Problem-solving skills
Attention to detail
Time management

Essential tools

  • Computer with fast internet connection
  • Project management software (Trello or Asana)
  • Communication tools (Skype, Zoom, and Slack)
  • Time tracking software (Toggl, Upwork time tracker, RescueTime )
  • Cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive)

Potential earnings: $10 and $50 per hour

Where to find work: Upwork, BELAY, PeoplePerHour, Guru


As a proofreader, your job is to check written content for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting errors

As a proofreader, your job is to check written content for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting errors. This can include anything from blog posts and articles to books and academic papers. This is a great way to earn money, as you work as your schedule allows, take breaks when needed, and adjust your workload as necessary.

Skills and Qualifications

Strong command of the language (grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting)
Attention to detail
Excellent time management
Certification programs and courses

Essential tools for proofreading

Potential earnings: $20-$45 per hour

Where to find work: Freelancer, FlexJobs, Fiverr, Scribendi


Transcription is the process of converting audio or video recordings into written text. As a transcriptionist, you listen to audio or video recordings and type out what is being said.

Skills and Qualifications

Excellent listening skills
Strong typing skills
Attention to detail
Knowledge of grammar and punctuation

Essential tools

  • Good quality headphones
  • Foot pedal (helps you control the audio playback without taking your hands off the keyboard)
  • Word processing software (Microsoft Word, Google Docs)
  • File storage and backup

Where to find work: GoTranscript, TranscribeMe, Rev, Scribie, CastingWords

Potential earnings: $15 – $22 per audio hour

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one way to make extra money; this involves writing content for various clients or publications on a project-by-project basis. As a freelance writer, you may be responsible for creating content such as blog posts, articles, social media posts, product descriptions, or marketing copy. Freelance writing is a flexible and rewarding way to earn extra money from home.

Skills and Qualifications

Knowledge of SEO
Attention to detail
Strong research and writing skills

Essential tools

Where to find work: Textbroker, Writer Access, iWriter, ProBlogger, BloggingPro, LinkedIn, Direct pitching

Potential earnings: 500-word blog post approximately $25 to $100


Blogging is a popular form of content marketing

Blogging is a popular form of content marketing that involves creating and publishing content on a website as blog posts. As a blogger, you can write about a wide range of topics, including personal experiences, industry news, product reviews, and more. Blogging can be a great way to build a following, establish yourself as an authority in your niche, and even earn money through advertising, sponsored content, or affiliate marketing.

Skills and Qualifications

Know your niche
SEO knowledge
Strong writing & research skills
Design and graphics
Analytical skills
Marketing and advertising

Essential tools

  • Blogging platform (WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Squarespace)
  • Content creation tools (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Grammarly, Copyscape)
  • SEO tools (SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz)
  • Web hosting service: Where your blog’s files and data are stored. (Bluehost, SiteGround, HostGator)

Where to find work: Networking, Direct pitching, Freelancer, Social media, Guest posting

Potential earnings: On average, $39,186 per year

Selling Printables

Selling printables is one of the best ways of making money online, as it can be a relatively low-cost and low-risk business venture. Printables are digital products that can be created once and sold repeatedly, making them an easy way to make extra cash.

This means that once a printable is created and uploaded for sale, it can continue generating income for the seller without requiring further work or investment.

Sellers of printables create designs using software such as Adobe Illustrator or Canva and then upload them to online marketplaces or sell them on their websites. Printables can be sold individually or as part of a package or bundle.

They can be priced at various price points, depending on the niche, the level of detail and design, and the target audience.

Printables can be a great way for designers, artists, and entrepreneurs to monetize their skills and interests. They can be sold in various niches, including planners, calendars, checklists, worksheets, invitations, etc.

Skills and Qualifications

Design skills
Attention to detail
Entrepreneurial spirit
Time management

Essential tools

  • Design software (Adobe Illustrator, Canva)
  • Computer
  • Digital camera

Where to find work: Etsy, Creative Market, Society6, Zazzle

Potential earnings: Starting $10-100 weekly and $1,000 or more with stable sales.

English Teacher

An English teacher is a professional who teaches the English language to students in various settings. They may teach grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing, and speaking skills to students of all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced learners. English teachers can work in a variety of settings, such as schools, universities, language institutes, or as private tutors. They may also teach English online to students from around the world.

Skills and Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree
Certification or licensure
Patience and empathy
Technology & communication skills

Where to find work: Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, Preply, VIPKid

Potential earnings: $10 – $40 per hour

Sell Handmade Goods Online

Selling handmade goods online can be a great way to make money, especially if you have a talent for creating unique and desirable items. By setting up an online store and using various marketing strategies, you can reach a wide audience and build a loyal customer base.

Skills and Qualifications

Attention to detail
Basic business skills
Time Management

Essential tools

  • E-commerce Platform (Etsy, Shopify, Amazon Handmade)
  • High-quality Camera
  • Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Shipping Supplies (boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, shipping labels)
  • Payment Processor (PayPal, Stripe, Square)

Where to find work: Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Shopify, Zibbet, ArtFire

Potential earnings: 5% – 20% profit margin


Bookkeeping is the process of recording and organizing financial transactions for a business or individual. This includes keeping track of income and expenses, reconciling accounts, and generating financial reports. Bookkeeping is essential to running a business or managing personal finances as it provides insight into cash flow, helps with budgeting, and ensures compliance with tax laws.

Skills and Qualifications

Education and certifications
Bookkeeping software (QuickBooks, Xero)
Communication & time management skills
Attention to detail

Where to find work: ZipRecruiter, Intuit, Simply Hired,

Potential earnings: Average annual salary of $45,560

Start A YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel can be an exciting and rewarding way to document your journey through pregnancy and share your experiences with others. Whether you want to offer advice, share your story, or simply connect with other expectant mothers, a YouTube channel can be a powerful tool for reaching a wider audience. With the right planning, equipment, and approach, you can create engaging and informative videos that showcase your personality and connect with viewers on a personal level.

Essential tools

  • Good quality camera
  • Microphone
  • Tripod
  • Video editing software (iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, PowerDirector)
  • Computer
  • Lighting

Skills and Qualifications

Video production
Passion and creativity
Content creation
Social media and marketing skills

Potential earnings: $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views

Sell Courses Online

Selling courses online is an excellent way to make money while pregnant. With the rise of online learning, there has never been a better time to create and sell your courses. Whether you are an expert in a specific field, passionate about teaching others, or just looking to share your knowledge, selling courses online can be a great option. It can allow you to work from home and on your schedule, making it an ideal way to earn extra income while preparing for your baby’s arrival.

Essential tools

  • Course Platform
  • Video recording and editing software
  • Marketing tools

Skills and Qualifications

Strong communication skills
Technical & Marketing skills
Course design and development skills

Where to find work: Thinkific, Coursera, Teachable, Udemy

Potential earnings: Average $1k – $10k per month

Uber Driver

Driving Uber is a good option for women who are pregnant and need

As an Uber driver, you would use your vehicle to provide transportation services to customers through the Uber app. Uber drivers are self-employed, meaning they can choose when and how often they want to work. This is a good option for women who are pregnant and need

to work around their schedule and may need to take breaks as necessary.

Essential tools

  • A smartphone to use the Uber app to accept rides and communicate with riders.
  • You’ll need a reliable car that meets the Uber vehicle requirements. This usually means a four-door car in good condition under ten years old.
  • A GPS device or a smartphone with GPS capabilities to help you navigate to your rider’s destination.
  • Car charger
  • Safety equipment such as a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and warning triangles in your vehicle in case of an emergency.
  • Comfortable and clean interior

Skills and Qualifications

You must have a valid driver’s license for at least one year in the country where you plan to drive for Uber.
Clean driving record
Customer service skills
Navigation skills
Pass a background check

Where to find work: Uber app

Potential earnings: Average of $25 per hour

Instacart Shopper

Instacart is a same-day grocery delivery and pick-up service in the United States and Canada. Instacart hires shoppers who work as independent contractors to shop for groceries and deliver them to customers.

Essential tools

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance (if driving)
  • Have access to a reliable vehicle (if driving)
  • Be able to lift and carry 30-40 lbs of groceries
  • Have a smartphone with a data plan
  • Be able to pass a background check

Skills and Qualifications

Excellent customer service skills
Ability to follow instructions and attention to detail
Good time management and organizational skills
Ability to work independently and as part of a team
Physical stamina for lifting and carrying groceries

Where to find work: Instacart

Potential earnings: $10 and $20 per hour

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where a company or brand rewards affiliates for each customer brought to the company through the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best jobs for pregnant women to make money from home because it requires low start-up costs and minimal overhead. It can effectively earn passive income, especially for those with a large following or engaged audience. However, success in affiliate marketing requires building trust with your audience and providing valuable information about the products or services you promote.

Essential tools

Skills and Qualifications

Knowledge of your niche
Digital marketing skills
Technical skills

Where to find work: Affiliate networks, Directly through companies,

Potential earnings: Earn up to $1,000 per month

Sell Unused Goods Online

Selling unused goods online can be a great way to make some extra money, especially if you have items lying around that you no longer need or want. Whether it’s clothing, electronics, furniture, or other household items, there are plenty of online marketplaces where you can sell unused goods.

Some popular online marketplaces include eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist. You can also consider selling your items on specialized platforms such as Poshmark for clothing or OfferUp for local sales.

The potential earnings for selling unused goods online vary depending on the value and condition of the items you are selling.

You can expect to earn more for items in good condition and in high demand. It’s also important to factor in any fees associated with selling on your chosen platform, such as listing or commission fees.

Is It Safe To Work During Pregnancy?

The safety of working during pregnancy largely depends on the nature of the job

Working during pregnancy is generally safe for most women as long as certain precautions are taken.

The safety of working during pregnancy largely depends on the nature of the job, the health status of the mother and the pregnancy, and any potential risks associated with the job. For example, women who work in jobs requiring standing for long periods, heavy lifting, or exposure to certain chemicals or radiation may need to take additional precautions or modify their work environment.

It is also important for pregnant women to monitor their health and stay hydrated, take frequent breaks if needed, and avoid activities that could increase their risk of falls or injury.

The decision to work during pregnancy is a personal one that should be made after consulting with a healthcare provider and considering the specific circumstances of the job and the pregnancy.

Will Jobs Hire You When You’re Pregnant?

Yes, in many countries, it is illegal for employers to discriminate against someone because of their pregnancy.

Most countries have laws that protect pregnant women from discrimination in the workplace. These laws require employers to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees and prohibit employers from firing or refusing to hire someone simply because they are pregnant.

Research specific laws in your country or state to understand your rights as a pregnant employee.

Legal Rights of Pregnant Employees

In the USA, pregnant employees are protected under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Additionally, the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law in the United States that provides job-protected and unpaid leave to eligible employees for specific family and medical reasons, including pregnancy and the birth or adoption of a child.

It’s important for pregnant employees to understand their legal rights and to communicate with their employer about any necessary accommodations or concerns related to their pregnancy.

How Much Work Should A Pregnant Woman Do?

The amount of work a pregnant woman can do depends on various factors, such as her health, the type of work she does, and the stage of pregnancy.

During the first and second trimesters of pregnancy, most women can continue their regular work activities as long as they are not overly strenuous or hazardous. However, during the third trimester, women may need to modify their work activities or reduce their working time.

The goal is to balance the need to work with the health and safety of the pregnant woman and her developing baby.

What Type Of Work Should Be Avoided While Pregnant?

During pregnancy, it is generally recommended to avoid certain types of work that may pose a risk to the health of the mother and the developing baby. These types of work include:

  1. Heavy lifting: Lifting heavy objects can cause strain on your back and abdominal muscles, increasing the risk of preterm labor.
  2. Exposure to hazardous substances: Pregnant women should avoid exposure to chemicals such as lead, mercury, and pesticides, which can harm the developing fetus.
  3. Long periods of standing can cause fatigue, back pain, and swelling of the legs and feet, which are common during pregnancy.
  4. High-stress jobs can increase the risk of preterm labor and other complications during pregnancy.
  5. Jobs with exposure to radiation and infectious agents, such as healthcare workers or laboratory technicians.

Final Thoughts

The concept of making money while pregnant has become increasingly popular in recent times. With the rise of entrepreneurship and online business, pregnant women have more opportunities than ever before to generate income while carrying their babies.

Pregnant women who choose to pursue business ventures during this time should take the necessary precautions to ensure that they are not putting themselves or their babies at risk.

With careful planning and support, it is possible for pregnant women to successfully balance the demands of pregnancy with the demands of entrepreneurship and achieve financial success.

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