9 Best Money Making Jobs For Students

If you are a student looking for the best ways to make money online and offline, this article is for you.

Students face challenges in the job market such as lack of skills or experience. Sometimes they wonder whether it is actually worth it to get a job before finishing their higher education first.

The jobs on this list require little experience, and can be an opportunity even if you are still in high school. Making money has never been easier.

Income making gigs for students

1. Sell Your Class Notes

one male student and two female students sharing notes

If you are attending school, and if you are already taking notes for your classes. You can share those notes and start getting paid for it.

Some websites will pay you cash if you have comprehensive notes of your classes.

These are the top 3 websites I recommend that pay well:

  1. Nexus Notes. They have a revenue split in which you get paid depending on how many see your notes
  2. Document. I like them because you keep the majority of the money and they play fast. I’m talking about it in less than a day.
  3. Studysoup. If you are a college student, this one can be very lucrative. They pay up to $500 per course. There are many youtube videos showing students making that kind of extra money.

2. Playing Video Games

video game controller with tv in the background

My mom always told me playing video games was a waste of time. Lo and behold, I see people making millions of dollars playing video games all day!

Video game players do not require previous training other than being really good at whatever video game you choose.

Even though this is a great way to make money for students, it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

There is a big difference between being good and being great. Putting in the time and effort will require more than a few hours. It can take weeks to become proficient, depending on the game.

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3. Sign Up For Focus Groups

Companies that sell products or services rely on focus groups to tell how their product or brand is perceived. There are companies in charge of putting together focus groups willing to give their honest opinions.

This is an unusual way of making money because few people know about it. As weird as it is, you can find plenty of opportunities in this category.

If you are interested in getting paid for influencing the products and services of major brands, you can sign up and earn a good income.

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4. Selling Plasma

person in a coat speaking to someone in the foreground

Did you know you can get paid for sitting for a couple of hours while you donate your plasma?

Getting paid by donating plasma is a great way for students to earn money

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Many rare conditions require patients to receive plasma. This plasma is what you can donate and get paid for it.

Plasma regenerates very fast. In fact, in less than 48 hours, although Red Cross limits donations to once every 28 days.

You can typically make between $50 to $75 per donation.

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5. Make Youtube Videos

Who would have thought that recording yourself could be a great way to achieve financial freedom?

As a Youtuber you create content, once you reach 1000 subscribers you can start getting paid for your videos.

You can start any kind of channel, develop a following and make a million dollars with the right niche.

It does involve quite a bit of time investment to acquire video editing skills and research suitable topics. But your efforts pay off.

In order to make videos, you need a good laptop that can handle video editing. You can save for the laptop and the required software by learning how to lower your cost of living, despite high inflation.

6. Create And Manage Facebook Ads For Local Businesses

digital marketing sign

Running Facebook ads for local businesses one way students can earn income.

Most business owners don’t know how to run their own ads. Since they are focused on running their stores, you can be the person getting paid to run facebook ads.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone willing to put in the time to learn Facebook ads or google ads to help local business owners.

How do you learn about Facebook ads?

Learning facebook ads is a skill that will help you in your career. Marketing is hard, and most people are not willing to learn it.

As a student, you can develop this skill and charge local business.

7. Blogging

If you like writing, blogging may be a good fit for you. The starting costs are low, and you get to set your own schedule.

Blogging has been around for a long time, and it more relevant than ever. People still read, if you have a strong message they will be interested in what you have to say.

Working as a blogger is not only about writing. You have to learn how to pick a niche, how to write with proper grammar, and, more importantly, how to monetize your content. But it can be a great way to make money online.

Bloggers make money by including ads in their blog posts. As a student you can write about tips on school or homework, place ads on your best performing pages and get paid for it.

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8. Lime Scooter Charger

Several Scooters lined up on a street

If you’re looking for a semi-passive idea to earn money, becoming a Lime scooter charger might be the perfect fit for you.

A “juicer” is basically a person that picks up lime scooters wherever they may be and bring them to a charging station once they are fully charged.

Lime Juicer offers the most flexibility if you’re responsible and self-motivated.

The pay can be great, ranging from $5 to $12 per scooter.

It helps to live close to a high-density area where there are a lot of these scooters. If you want to learn more about this business, gig worker has a great breakdown.

9. Taskrabbit

TaskRabbit is an online job listing platform. You can make yourself available for your field of work and people will contact you for jobs.

I came across freelancers with expertise in yard tasks, running errands, moving, etc. These freelancers act as independent contractors. You can also get reviews that increase trust for your listing.

“Taskers,” as they are called, can make a pretty decent living using this platform.

Students can earn money too

Earning money does not mean you have to be at a regular job or have extensive experience. Students can make good money by doing on the jobs listed in this article.

There are many weird ways to earn income either full or part-time.

These are just some of my favorite methods that I have personally used. You never know which job can be for you until you try it.

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