9 Ways to Make Money With Your Physical Skills

Have you wondered what physical skills make you the most money? This article will teach you what it takes to make money with physical abilities.

Can you make money using only your physical attributes?

Yes! In fact. Many high pay jobs can make enough income to provide for yourself and your family. Your physical attributes can be very valuable in the job market. Read till the end to find out how exactly you can make money with your body skills.

Can You Make Money with Physical Skills alone?

Yes, you don’t need to sit at an office to receive a paycheck all day long.

If you’re someone who enjoys the thrill of working outside, using your strength or other physical abilities, this list will help you align your true capabilities and help you earn an income at the same time.

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1. Become a CPR Instructor

There are a lot of different levels of CPR training.

Some of the physical abilities required by CPR instructors include kneeling to perform compressions, performing the Heimlich maneuver, and knowing how to operate a defibrillator. Most people who want to become a certified first aid instructors should start with the American Heart Association’s certification. This is usually the most straightforward and shortest path to becoming an AHA instructor.

The American Heart Association has clear guidelines about how to become certified.

Other options include taking courses from the American Red Cross or St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City, which can take two years to complete if you have no experience in emergency medical care.

This is an excellent job if you like to teach others. The average class costs $59. Also, there are many places of work that require students to receive an in person course.

Annual CPR instructor salary: $50,000

Even with a great salary, no money will last you unless you have good budgeting skills.

2. Learn to Coach Sports

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You can use your physical attributes by becoming a sports coach. The best way to coach a sport is to be involved in the sport.

You can get better at coaching by participating in as many practices and games as possible.

Coaches who spend more time on the field or court tend to make better decisions because they better understand players and what tactics are most effective.

Coaches are leaders that motivate their teams. These physical requirements include: having a solid voice, learning how to create fitness programs, and carrying equipment around the court.

Coaching a team is very difficult. It requires a lot of patience and the ability to set goals and make plans to achieve them. You need to be able to motivate your players, and then you need to know how they work individually to help them improve their skills.

Annual salary for the best paid coaches: $55,000

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3. Work as a Personal Trainer

girl flexing muscle as a personal trainer

Personal training is all about using your physical qualities to earn money. There are two steps to becoming a personal trainer:

1) You need to get certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and

2) you need to find a job where you can work as a personal trainer.

Personal training is an excellent job if you like to help others. Also, it’s a fun job that can be very rewarding.

One of the best benefits of being a personal trainer is working with people who want to improve their health and fitness levels.

People use personal trainers for many different reasons: weight loss, muscle building, and fat reduction.

Personal training can also help you earn money by helping people meet their goals in life.

Personal trainers must have physical skills as well as good communication skills for them to succeed in this profession. They must also be able to motivate their clients and professionally coach them.

Annual income for the average personal trainer in Florida: $60,000

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4. Plumber

man working on a sink with plumbing tools

Another great job that is physically demanding is plumbing. This can be a lucrative job that can even turn into a well-paying career.

I love this job because you can stay working as an employee and earn good money or open your own company and turn it into a high-income career.

Plumbers learn the trade by going to a local plumbing school, or you can even find a company that can train you for free in exchange for some time spent working for them.

Making money as a plumber is not easy work, and it’s a physically demanding position that requires strength and stamina.

Plumbers must be able to lift heavy objects and carry them around while working at heights that may reach 6 feet in some situations.

They also need to see clearly when working at night or inside attics or crawl spaces where there are no lights.

A plumber must have good physical skills and good communication skills for them to succeed in this profession.

Annual average plumber salary: $56,000

5. Yoga Instruction

woman in a seated position wearing green doing yoga

If you are a flexible person with a strong core, you may have the physical skills to become a yoga instructor.

Yoga instructors teach people how to use their core muscles and help them improve flexibility.

Yoga classes are not just for the body but also for the mind. Yoga helps you learn how to relax and be more focused in your life, so it can be a lucrative career if you enjoy helping others through yoga.

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A yoga instructor must have good communication skills because they need to help students with their fitness goals while learning new techniques of relaxation and meditation. They must also have strong physical skills as well as good leadership skills for them to succeed in this profession.

Annual salary: $45,000

6. Commercial Driver

Commercial driving is a great way to use your driving skills to make extra money. Physical stamina involves sitting down for long periods while delivering products.

If you have the CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), you can earn money by delivering products like food or medical supplies on trucks or other commercial vehicles.

The most important thing is that you are physically fit enough and obey traffic regulations. You will be doing a lot of talking on the phone with customers who need your services.

There are many classes of commercial drivers, depending on the vehicle you want to drive. Usually, larger vehicles pay better. Walmart is paying up to $110,000 for experienced drivers.

This job is great if you want something where you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck and telling you what to do all the time.

Some driving jobs require even more demanding physical skills, such as lifting heavy packages. This is more applicable to companies such as UPS which need you to be physically fit to lift up to 150 lbs.

Annual average salary for commercial truck drivers: $97,000

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7. Carpentry

man in a workshop cutting wood

If you have experience working with your hands and enjoy doing so, becoming a carpenter is another job that pays well.

In construction, the most important thing is to know how to follow instructions.

You will be given several detailed plans of what you need to do in order to build something. This includes things like where to put the nails or screws into different pieces of wood.

If you are new at this work, start off by learning from someone who has more experience than you first before trying it yourself.

The average salary for a carpenter starts at around $28 an hour, which can increase up to about $36 per hour if they become experienced enough.

8. Basic Construction Skills

Being a construction worker can be a great job if you have some upper and lower body strength.

They also get the satisfaction of seeing their work come to life. You can either work on your own or with other people. You can easily find construction jobs around your area as construction is in high demand and is a high growth career.

Although not much of a glamorous job, construction can be a great way to earn money using your strength. However, to increase your income, you will need more education to become a Licensed Contractor.

In addition, if you can get employed by the city. You can earn great benefits as well.

Construction workers help by lifting materials, cleaning construction sites, and operating machinery.

This can be an excellent choice for someone who doesn’t mind working outside. Some workers even get paid the same day.

9. Landscaper

Landscapers primarily work on improving the layout of gardens; the physical requirements are not significant but having some strength is a requirement.

Some landscapers prefer to concentrate on specific areas, like fountains and water gardens and lawn drains and sprinkler systems, or enhancing designs for farms and orchards.

Landscapers improve the appearance of the outdoor areas. They accomplish this by planting gorgeous flowers and plants and shrubs on lawns, mowing them, and trimming hedges to make commercial, residential, and public spaces more appealing to the eye.

As the requirements for education aren’t too strict for people who want to enter the landscaping industry.

In summary, all these jobs require more hands-on training and physical attributes than intellect. The skills required to earn a good income can be something you already have: your own body strength.

Not everyone is cut out to work at the 9 to 5 office job and climb the corporate ladder.

In addition, these high-paying jobs can just enough to provide for yourself and your family.

So keep working on your strength, appearance, and other things that will pay off big time when you use them to earn money.

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