7 smart date night ideas that beat expensive dining

Are you bored with bland old dates? Want to spice things up while sticking to your budget?

Memorable dates don’t have to be expensive. In fact, some of the best date nights I remember cost almost nothing. With a bit of ingenuity and planning, you too can turn stale date nights into memorable experiences.

Whether you’re in the dating phase or in a long term relationship, making smart date ideas is essential to the longevity of a couple.

Starting your relationship with a different approach will, in turn, allow you to get to know and like your companion on a deeper level.

7 smart date night ideas that are budget friendly

1. Watch the sunrise or sunset

couple watching sunrise or sunset together

Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

Watching the sunrise or even the sunset, whichever you prefer, make incredible experiences.

Look for a location that has the best view.

Maybe you chose to watch the sunrise on the beach, hang out for a while, or hop into the water for a relaxing swim.

Pack a couple of chairs or a blanket while you sit and wait for the sunset. Breathe deep and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer.

Nature brings out the best feelings in everyone. Enjoy the peace and connect with these creative date night ideas.

Some of the most creative date night ideas are simple ideas. Just roll with it and have fun.

2. Visit a u-pick farm

Have a passion for fresh produce? Visiting a u-pick farm is right up your alley.

Harvesting your meal is an experience worth diving into and sharing with your special mate.

You get to work together on a mission you can benefit from. Indulging in your special picks is the reward.

Just think, what a fun and exciting way to spend quality time together.

As a bonus, keep the flow going and cook the goodies you picked!

Make a delicious lunch or dinner with the treats you picked.

3. Go for dessert instead of dinner

dessert on plate with fresh fruit

Does an afternoon ice cream appeal to you? Why not share this idea with your special partner.

Instead of taking your date to a fancy restaurant, skip the bank-breaking idea and go for dessert.

Make a sweet escape to one of your favorite dessert spots.

Is there a specific ice cream shop you love? Or, maybe you know a special place that has fantastic donuts.

Jess Suggests: Pick dessert over dinner instead of going out for a restaurant date.

A dessert is an affordable option over a large date night meal.

Not only is dessert light on the stomach, but it is also light on the wallet.

An affordable option to spend quality time together is a dessert date.

Sweets just hit differently.

It allows the innocence in all of us to come out. We feel youthful and happy. Make your date fun by choosing a sweet escape.

4. Indoor miniature golf

Want to make dating fun? Indoor miniature golf is a creative date idea that you and your date will love.

Start a little friendly competition with your partner.

Whoever wins gets to pick the next song or dessert.

With such a wide range of non-traditional ideas, you can make dating fun and affordable.

Look for coupons on Groupon. Snatch sweet savings and have a great, fun-filled night.

5. Cook a meal together

couple cooking together having fun

Purchase a meal kit from Green Chef or HelloFresh and start sizzling up a meal together.

With little to no effort, you can make date night meals in the comfort of your home.

Don’t stress if you are not a gourmet chef. Meal kits have it all planned out for you.

Perfectly measured ingredients, easy to follow instructions are all you need to have the best night.

Date night meals are a fun way to spend quality time working together on a masterpiece.

Jess Suggests: Pick one day in the month for cooking with your date. You don’t have to be an expert, it’s the thought that counts.

Here’s to creative and delicious date night recipes!

6. Rent bikes by the beach

The best way to get around town and see a new place is on a bike. Why not take your date on a ride along the beach.

You can rent them or better if you have your own. Save the rental fee.

When you ride your bike, you get exercise and fresh air. Not only that, but you get to see more sights peddling over walking.

A quick stop is easier on the bike, too.

Just think, that cute little ice cream shop is on your path.

Why not stop for a quick treat to cool down after a long ride?

7. Take dancing classes (YouTube is free)

Get your groove on! Your dance grooves!

A great idea to break the ice and feel comfortable is dancing. Don’t freak out because you don’t know how to dance.

Lack of dance moves and skills is no problem.

Join a dance class at your local community center or take a free YouTube dance class. Whichever you decide, let your foot loose and shake your booty with your date.

Can you really have fun spending little?

There are no excuses if you have no money and are looking for cheap date ideas.

We often think the more we spend on our dates, the more fun our date will be.

But this simply isn’t true.

In my experience, the guy who was different and chose fun ideas over traditional wining and dining, is the guy I now call my husband.

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Dating should be fun. Get creative and look for ideas that you can enjoy together.

How can you make your date special?

couple sipping shake together at diner sharing drink

Making your date special takes effort, careful planning, and detail.

Many opt for the traditional dinner and movie, but why? It’s easy and worked before, so why change?

It could be fun for some, but if you want to have a date where you connect, then it is time to think differently. Are you interested in the person you are dating? Have you been together for a while?

All of these are good reasons not to be boring. Making a date unique means you care and are interested in the person and want to keep enjoying them.

The main idea is to spend quality time together.

Since there’s such a wide range of ideas to think about, make a smart choice and plan your date where you feel comfortable.

Choose something that fits your personality, so you feel excited to be on your date.

In the end

When planning your date, make it different from the others. Choose budget-friendly options that are non-traditional, cheap dates that you can enjoy and remember.

Dinner and a movie are thoughtless plans. Don’t be vanilla, be cookies and cream.

Think outside the box and build a date your partner will never forget.

Hopefully, this date will lead to the following and, possibly, forever date.

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