12 Under The Table Jobs That Pay Cash

Under the table jobs don’t require a formal employment contract or payroll deductions. Some examples include things such as babysitting, dog walking, house cleaning, tutoring, and even some types of construction work.

Plenty of jobs pay cash; these jobs are perfectly legal and offer great benefits. They also provide opportunities for workers who want to supplement their income without having to deal with the hassles of working for someone else.

Even though these jobs are entirely legal, remember, you’re still expected to pay taxes while working under the table.

So, when someone gives you cash for the services you rendered, you still need to report such earnings, or else, you will be committing tax evasion, and of course, you know that is illegal.

So, what are some of the best under-the-table jobs you can do to earn extra cash?

Help Neighbors with Lawn Mowing

12 Under The Table Jobs That Pay Cash

Top on the list of under-the-table jobs you can do is assisting homeowners with landscaping or lawn care. The easiest way to start is to offer lawn mowing services – weeding and raking leaves.

Find out if your clients require extra work, like planting flowers.

You can always get jobs on NextDoor, GreenPal, Lawnstarter, TaskRabbit and local groups on Facebook. Ask for referrals once you successfully work for a few people.

If you have other skills like tree pruning and sprinkler repair, then you will further increase your rates. Remember always to answer your phone because that is one of the reasons why homeowners choose other workers.

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Provide Photoshoots

With the emergence of smartphones, most people have learned how to take great pictures, especially with advanced smartphone cameras. However, you still require a lot of skills to take amazing photographs and edit them properly.

If you are interested in doing it, there is always a market for photography, and you can easily find people to purchase your pictures – whether for weddings, product photos for different companies, maternity, family portraits, and several others.

There is no doubt that the market is competitive, but as long as you stay focused and continue to showcase your work, this can turn out to be a gratifying business that can engage you full-time.

Before it turns into your full-time job, you can still grab some under-the-table photo jobs for a start.

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Are you good at fixing computers, electronics, household appliances, etc.? If you know about one or more of these fields, you will earn money with your skills.

People are willing to pay you cash just to handle such tasks because you will save them the cost of paying for expensive professional services. But always ensure you don’t take on a job you cannot handle just because you want to make some money.

Try taking before and after pictures of some of the things you were able to fix at home so you can have a portfolio you can share with potential clients.

House Sitting

House sitting is another excellent way to earn cash. This job does not involve looking after children while their parents are not home.

Instead, it is often needed when families travel for work or extended vacations and pay you to check up on their home.

Some everyday house-sitting tasks include watering the plants, checking the mail, and several other things that may be required. In most cases, you don’t have to do anything strenuous, so this is definitely an easy way to earn cash under the table.

Clean Houses or Apartments

Clean Houses or Apartments

People always need to clean their homes, which is another excellent opportunity to earn cash. You will find basements, attics, garages and several other spaces that require cleaning.

Also offer regular household deep cleaning in bathrooms, living areas and kitchens for people and get paid.

You don’t need any special skills to enable you to clean people’s homes, so you can start immediately by rendering the services to people within your area.

It’s easy for you to make good cash under the table since you are the one to set your prices. If you have good people skills, you can take things one step further by teaming up with others and offering your services in your location.


One of the best options for cash jobs is Craigslist. Of course, some of the listings are sometimes ridiculous or shady, but the majority of the listings are from genuine individuals who require your services.

An excellent way to get under-the-table jobs is to check job postings on various websites and apps.

When you use the keyword “paid daily,” you will most likely get jobs that will pay cash once you complete your shift.

Apart from Craigslist, sites such as NextDoor are excellent platforms where you can meet individuals who require your help within your location.

Drive People Around

Currently, apps like Lyft and Uber make it easier for people to get a cab, but you can still make cash under the table without these apps. Have you ever searched for “Rideshare” on Craigslist before?

There are many people in need of rides, and they are willing to pay cash.

Search for individuals who need lifts to different locations, personal drivers or even quick errands. However, you must be careful when picking people randomly to avoid getting into trouble.

Try to do some research before the trip. Apart from the Craigslist option, you can also talk to friends and family or connect with others.

Snow Removal/Shoveling

For places with cold weather climates, one of the hardest tasks that they must deal with is snow removal.

People must shovel sidewalks, roads and driveways to ensure they get around safely. Many people are ready to pay under the table if you can help them clear their driveways and sidewalks.

If you’re someone they can depend upon to always come around after a snowstorm and you also have a flexible schedule, then it would be easy for you to establish a decent client base. But if you want to grab the larger jobs, you will need a snowplow or a snowblower. This will require you to set aside some funds for the initial investment.

Become a Car Detailer

Become a Car Detailer

Are you still thinking of the kind of under-the-table jobs you can do? Why not try car detailing? This is definitely one of the exciting jobs that will add extra money to your pocket.

When you work as a car detailer, your work is to ensure that the car is spotless. The job involves vacuuming the carpet, cleaning the upholstery, washing cupholders, handwashing the vehicle and even cleaning under the car seats.

When providing this service, you are free to set your price for any of the services you provide.

Graphic Design

Do you know how to use a computer and are you good with graphics? Why not grab some cash under the table by simply helping people do their graphics work?

Of course, this is a full-time career for some people, but if you can design t-shirts, greeting cards, website logos, etc. Many people will happily pay you cash for these services.

One of the most innovative ways to develop your skills is to work for cash. With time, if you find the job interesting, you can engage in it as a full-time job.

Consider starting with Facebook or Craigslist since they are the easiest places to get clients. Other freelance websites do not pay cash and the competition there may discourage you.

Elderly Assistant

Seniors need the services of family caregivers to help them stay healthy and active in their community. But taking care of the elderly is not cheap as it involves out-of-pocket costs for things like prescription drug copays, medical supplies, and home care help.

While there is increasing awareness of the importance of this role in society in the formal sector, informal caregivers always have room to earn cash under the table.

Some people have to leave their jobs, and others simply cut back on the hours they work just to take care of their older adults but you can help them and earn some cash in return.

You can run errands for seniors, especially homebound ones who cannot handle most of the chores that some of us do daily, like stopping at the bank, grocery shopping, etc.

Makeup Artist

Sometimes, people see makeup artists as glamorous professionals who work with models and celebrities to give them perfect looks.

But as a makeup artist, you can actually handle cash jobs under the table.

The kind of jobs you do may be at private parties, nightclubs and various occasions where people are eager to appear very charming but not prepared to spend so much to achieve it.

In such cases, as a makeup artist, you will easily be paid in cash under the table.

Final Thoughts

There are several ways to get some under-the-table jobs. Reviewing job postings on various websites is an excellent way to find things to do to earn extra money from your couch.

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Go through these sites and find individuals living close to you who require your assistance. People often get under-the-table jobs simply by talking to others because family and friends are some of the best referrals for such tasks.

Social media groups on Facebook have recently become an excellent source of these jobs. So, consider checking the jobs section where you can find jobs that are willing to pay cash. Make sure you add your city and keywords like hiring now on the Facebook search bar to discover several relevant groups.

Do you need the flexibility that comes with cash payment and daily pay? Many homes and individuals are willing to pay you for your services in cash, so go ahead and explore all the available options.

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